Blackburn Grounding System

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Blackburn Grounging

E-Z-Ground® Grounding Connectors

Compression Method Grounding Connectors save 50–75% in time and labor costs.

• Eliminates exothermic welding
• Reduces labor and labor costs
• Minimize possibility of poor connections

Thomas & Betts introduces a method of compression to replace exothermic welding and its associated disadvantages. This compression method is designed to provide quick, reliable connections for grid grounding at significantly lower installed costs because compression connectors install in less time, in any weather, and are unaffected by moisture, reducing downtime. In addition, our compression connectors for grid grounding require no special training for installation. They are made of high-conductivity wrought and cast copper, and are used for connecting and tapping cross grid, loop lines and ground rods for direct burial or concrete embedded ground grid systems. The Thomas & Betts compression system uses standard electrical connector installation tools.

Meets all applicable specifications

Thomas & Betts grid and ground rod connectors satisfy the requirements of NEC 250-50 for connecting to the Grounding Electrode System. They also meet the requirements of UL Std. 467, UL Std. 486 CSA Std. C22.2 No. 41 and CSA Std. C22.2 No. 65 being acceptable as grounding and bonding equipment suitable for direct burial. Thomas & Betts grid and ground rod connectors also satisfy the recommended practice for the selection of grounding connector joints described in IEEE 837 standard for qualifying permanent connections used in substation grounding.

The connectors conform to the following IEEE Standard 837 requirements:

• 350° C current cycling
• Freeze-thaw test
• Accelerated aging — nitric acid/salt spray
• Mechanical, tensile and electromagnetic force (EMF) criteria
• Install in any weather — cut downtime
• Enhance safety
• Easy to install — no special training

Reliable installations through compression connections

The Thomas & Betts method, utilizing compression tools with matching dies, forms the connector and conductor into a solid, homogeneous mass to provide an optimum electrical bond between connector and conductor. The dies are designed to produce a circumferential, hex-shaped compression rather than a simple indent. The circumferential compression creates a large area of high-pressure contact between cable and connector which, in turn, ensures high conductivity, low resistance and high pullout values exceeding all industry requirements.

Thomas & Betts offers its complete line of grid-ground compression connectors. Our E-Z-Ground® connectors are designed for direct burial and offer a safe, efficient alternative to exothermic welding products. Grid ground installations do not require explosive charges, and can be installed in various climate conditions. These range-taking products will reduce the number of connectors and dies needed for your installation.