Commercial Modular UPS

IEP, a Malaysia-based industrial electrical power products and cable tray distributor, provides a variety of datacenter or telecommunication infrastructure ranging from cable management system, backup power products ranging from Commercial Modular Backup Power, AC UPS, DC Charger, Inverter, batteries management system, structure cabling, fiber optics, etc.


Backup Power Products

Liebert® ITA
True On-line Double Conversion Parallelable UPS

Liebert ITA Series is a full featured scalable UPS designed to provide long backup time for small computer rooms and network equipment. Using true on-line double conversion UPS technology, Liebert ITA Series provides high effi ciency and reliability with 0.9/0.8 output power factor that can power 10-30% more load than other ordinary UPS. This UPS offers flexibility with parallelable configuration and extended backup time with external battery cabinets.

Best-in-class Efficiency
– Supports parallel operation up to 4 units N+X configuration
– Backup time can be prolonged through cascaded connection or use of large capacity battery bank
– Outstanding energy-saving performance with 92%-94.5% efficiency
– Input power factor of up to 0.99 with high electric energy utility rate
– Extra-wide input voltage / frequency range effectively reduces the discharging period of battery; thus, prolonging battery life
– Compatible with single-phase and 3-phase input power
– Optional strong charging capability effectively reduces battery recharging time

Highly Reliable
– Double-conversion online design that ensures continuous power even when the mains AC fails
– Supports N+X redundant mode up to 4 units for increased system reliability
– DSP full-digital control with high output voltage precision
– Uses state-of-the-art technology and components to withstand fluctuation of input main voltage
– Provides latest USB monitoring interface
– Optional WEB / SNMP card for remote management
– Available in standard and long backup for 4 to 8 hours runtime. External charger is also available

Best Total Cost
– 0.9 output power factor and can power 10-30% more load than other ordinary UPS, suitable for latest server models (0.8 output power factor for 6KVA model)
– Uses soft-wire parallel operation mode without the need for complex parallel subrack, allowing the user to save on system cost
– High system effi ciency up to 94%, energy-saving and low operational cost
– High power density allows the rack to have a smaller footprint
– Standard two (2) years warranty for 5kVA and 6kVA models; one year warranty for 10, 16 and 20kVA models

Liebert® APM

The Compact Row-Based UPS With Flexpower TechnologyTM
30kW – 300kW

The Liebert APM is the compact UPS system designed to operate with the maximum energy effi ciency in the minimum footprint for the protection of the small and medium computer rooms. It features FlexPowerTM technology, which incorporates distributed intelligence and scalable power in a common assembly. It is suitable for small and medium businesses with the attitude to grow fast: thanks to its architecture that enables the UPS system capacity to start as low as 30kW which can grow with the business up to 600kW*.

Lowest Cost Of Ownership
Liebert APM is designed to minimize capital equipment expense, to protect your technology investment and to optimize operational efficiency with the quality backup power products

Enhanced Operational Flexibility
In response to the demands for new technologies, adaptability to customer and market’s changing needs, Emerson Network Power has developed a scalable platform that allows you to confi gure your own AC Power system with basic building blocks, that is able to grow accordingly with your future requirements.

“All The Power You Need, Just The Power You Need”
With Liebert APM you can deploy power modules that best match your system rating and its enhanced fl at effi ciency curve (up to 96% for load above 30% and up to 94% for loads above 20%) ensuring that the system is always optimized dramatically reducing energy waste.

Higher System Availability
Liebert APM provides a mission-critical technology minimizing the single points of failure in your infrastructure. A UPS that delivers the highest possible level of availability to your IT system, with Liebert proven reliability, and by decreasing MTTR with the new hotswappable power modules.

– High efficiency rating of up to 96% in true online double conversion mode
– FlexPower TechnologyTM : Allows the configuration of a completely redundant power system, sized to match the capacity of the protected equipment. The unit capacity is easily added, without increasing the system footprint
– Parallel technology allowing maximum system capacity of up to 600kW, without the need for centralized bypass cabinet and additional external control modules*
– Thanks to the compactness of the backup power module products, the best in the market, within the same rack there is room to accommodate internal batteries providing a backup time up to 30 minutes in the 30kVA confi guration and up to 5 minutes in the 90kW configuration**. Different combinations of internal and external batteries are available to cope with the various application scenarios
– Flexible battery confi guration: 30 to 40 battery blocks per string allow you in most cases to keep your existing battery solution
– Lower mean time to repair (MTTR) with hot swappable modules