Aplicaciones Technologicas

IEP partnering with Aplicaciones Technologicas (AT) the leading technology leader of advance solution in Lightning Protection System.

AT latest innovative solutions Apliweld® promote efficient exothermic welding, that adheres to Standard UL.

Earthing systems and their connections must last throughout the lifetime of an installation. The technology of the APLIWELD® Secure+ system ensures this is achieved by overcoming the result of other types of welding and traditional techniques such as mechanical connections.

Exothermic welding is the result of a process that achieves the molecular union of two or more metallic conductors through a chemical reaction. This molecular bond improves the mechanical, electrical and corrosion-related properties with respect to any mechanical connection.

The innovative tablet format of Apliweld® Secure+ and the electronic ignition offers much more efficient results, saving costs and providing an extra in security.

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