Quality Electrical Power Distribution System In Malaysia

Reliable electrical power distribution and data transmission systems are crucial to any modern establishment of any size, be it commercial or industrial. IEP, a Malaysia-based supplier of industrial and commercial electrical and power products, provides a wide range of electrical power distribution products, which include phase or modular uninterruptible power systems (UPS), fuses, solar connectors, active harmonic filters, DC chargers, transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS), cable joints, cable splice kits, heat-shrink tubing, insulation tapes and MV terminators. These products are of high quality make and are sourced from renowned, credible manufacturers, to ensure that your electrical power distribution systems are safe and serve as intended.


IEP, quality electrical distribution Malaysia solution provider especially explosion proof electrical power distribution system, harsh environment electrical power distribution system, corrosion protection electrical power distribution system. Our service starting from design, assemble, supply, testing, inspection, wiring and until commissioning stage with option for extended warranty.