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Cable Preparation Tools & Connection Device Supplier In Malaysia

IEP-Alroc’s High voltage cable preparation tools is a trusted and reliable tools manufacturer of over 30 years with ISO 9001 standard certification. Design with innovation in mind with the highest quality materials, ensuring accuracy and security in any applications ranging from optical fiber stripping tools, tools for cutting  optical fiber tubes, tools for stripping telecommunication cables to tools for stripping coaxial cables and etc. 


IEP ALROC’s High Voltage (HV) Pliers
IEP-Alroc HV Cable Outer Sheath Pliers PG5HTB/3535 series remove the outer sheath and enables the user to make a circular and longitudinal cut in order to remove cable’s outer sheath

All cutting depth ranging from 0,5 mm / 0,019 in to 5 mm / 0,196 in are available on demand
How to built your customized pliers : PG5HTB/yyzz
yy = Circular Cutting Thickness Capacity: 3,5 mm / 0,138 in
zz = Longitudinal Cutting Thickness Capacity: 3,5 mm / 0,138 in  

Product Benefits: Quick, light and easy to use


IEP-Alroc HV Cable Stripping Pliers

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