APLIWELD® – T exothermic welding compound

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IEP partnering with Aplicaciones Technologica, offer advanced innovation solutions for lightning protection. Specialized in research, development, production and commercialisation of every element that relatesAPLIWELD® SECURE+ to lightning protection system.

APLIWELD® SECURE+  offer an efficient exothermic welding. Earthing systems and thier connections must last throughout the lifetime of an installation. The technology of APLIWELD® Secure+ system ensures this is achieved by overcoming the result of traditional techniques such as mechanical connections. 

UL Certified quality


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APLIWELD® – T exothermic welding compound (welding compound in tablet)

Traditionally, exothermic welding required the user to have multiple cartridges with different powder weights for carrying out the various connections.  APLIWELD® -T exothermic welding compound with an innovative tablet format that allows any type of joint to be made by using one or more tablets.  With APLIWELD® -T the required number of tablets are placed inside the graphite mould. Hence there is no need for multiple cartridges.

The tablets and ignition caps of APLIWELD® Secure+ contain no flammable material (ignition temperature above 900ºC). This characteristic, along with the remote electronic ignition activated via bluetooth, avoids:

  • Risk of projections and burns
  • Risk of accidental ignitions
  • Risk in material storage


  • Compact and easy to use.
  • Increases equipment life-time
  • Improves welding process times
  • Reduces stock costs
  • Both electronic and powder starters can be employed.

Available in 43 mm diameter or 55 mm diameter