Bussmann MV Drop Off Fuse

IEP Bussmann Automatic Sectionalising

Link (ASL), represents a significant breakthrough in the field of medium voltage overhead line distribution system protection, offering considerable savings in operating costs and minimising unnecessary interruptions to customers. Using the IEP Bussmann ASL, an economical system can be installed utilising most existing explusion drop out fuse mounts in conjunction with multishot circuit breakers or autoreclosers. Even where no expulsion fuse mounts exist and these have to be provided, significant benefits can still be achieved.

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Eaton Bussmann MV Drop Off Fuses

Major benefits in efficiency and performances are achieved by:

• Reducing outages caused by transient no-damage faults, especially due to lightning, which would otherwise cause unnecessary operation of expulsion fuse-links.

• Reducing unnecessary ‘call outs’ due to nuisance transient faults.

• Sectionalising and isolating the network thereby reducing the number of customers disconnected due to permanent faults.

• Providing visual identification of a fault downstream of the ASL and therefore allowing speedy restoration of supply.

Statistics show that up to 90% of expulsion fuse-link operations on spur lines are in response to transient no-damage faults. The cost for each expulsion fuselink replacement can be the same as the capital cost of a complete fuse cut-out.The alternative approach of replacing expulsion fuse-links by solid links has the disadvantage that any permanent fault on a spur line results in an outage of the whole system.

The IEP Bussmann ASL ensures effective overhead spur line isolation in the event of a genuine local fault, while at the same time remaining unresponsive to transient (temporary) no-damage surge currents.