Cold Shrink MV Termination

IEP-DSG-Canusa offers a variety of superior quality Heat & Cold Shrink Products of applied sleeves and shape products to seal and protect wire and cable connections in low-voltage electrical applications.

Our Cold Shrink cable termination for single core, 5 kV to 28 kV XLPE and EPR copper tape, drain wire, Unishield® or lead sheathed power cables for the electrical construction market.


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IEP-DSG Canusa Cold Cold Shrink Medium Voltage Cable Terminations

IEP-DSG Canusa Cold Shrink cable terminations for single core, 5kV to 35 kV XLPE and EPR copper tape, drain wire, UniShield® or lead sheathed power cables for the electrical construction market.

Features & Benefits:

• One piece terminators designed for quick, easy and cost effective installation.
• Compact design covers full range from #2AWG to 1500kcmil.
• Non-tracking silicone insulating tube offers superior weathering and track resistance.
• Geometric stress cone & stress control sealant design provides exceptional performance & secondary seal.
• Spiral rip cord housing unwinds easily to facilitate quick removal of the hold-out core
• Anti-tracking thixotropic sealant ensures maximum protection against moisture ingress..


Rated to IEEE-48-1996, Class 1

Extruded polyethylene bi-cellular foam product which when punctured per ASTM C 1253 does not exhibit any out-gassing. TITAN FOAM™ has an impervious outer skin that resists moisture is easily compressible, flexible, and pliable for easy installation. It is furnished in a wide variety of sizes listed under packaging information.

Test Reports:

The TITAN Series terminations were tested to the requirements of IEEE 48-1996 Class 1 at an independent laboratory.

Test report available:

• TITAN 150 Series: HVS CST 181207
• TITAN 350 Series: HVS CST 111209