Eaton Bussmann LV Fuses

Eaton Bussmann LV Fuses

The IEP Bussmann range of European cylindrical fuse links are available in a broad selection of physical sizes and current ratings for applications where the system voltage is 250, 380, 400, 500 & 690 Volts AC.

A range of product is available for domestic applications. These are also available with an optional visual indicator. Fuse links comply with IEC60269-1, 60269-3, 60269-3-1 and also meet the requirements of NF and UNE standards.

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IEP-Eaton Bussmann LV Fuses

IEP-Eaton Bussmann Low Voltage, branch circuit fuses series

Time-delay, branch circuit, rejection-type fuse. For superior electrical protection, Eaton recommends upgrading FNQ-R fuse applications to Bussmann series Low-Peak LP-CC fuses.

•• Class CC rejection feature, with appropriate fuse block, prevents
inserting lesser-rated supplementary fuses
•• Time-delay compatible with inrush characteristic of small control
•• Current limitation at Class CC levels provides maximum
component short-circuit current rating protection
•• 200 kA interrupting rating provides high ratings for control circuit
Typical applications
•• Line protection, small control transformers
•• Industrial controls and panels
•• Isolated, in-line fuse holders

Dimensions 13/32″ x 1-1/2″ (10 x 38mm)
• 600 Vac (or less)
• 300 Vdc (15-20 A)
• 32 Vdc (self certified)
• Amps 1/4-30 A
• IR
• 200 kA RMS Sym.
• 20 kA DC (15 and 20 A only)