Graphite Moulds

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IEP partnering with Aplicaciones Technologica, offer advanced innovation solutions for lightning protection. Specialized in research, development, production and commercialisation of every element that relatesAPLIWELD® SECURE+ to lightning protection system.

APLIWELD® SECURE+  offer an efficient exothermic welding. Earthing systems and thier connections must last throughout the lifetime of an installation. The technology of APLIWELD® Secure+ system ensures this is achieved by overcoming the result of traditional techniques such as mechanical connections. 

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Specific moulds

Each mould makes a particular connection: one mould welds two specific conductors (cable to cable, tape to tape, cable to earth rod…), with specific dimensions (50 mm², 70 mm², etc.) and joined in a certain way (cross or T shape etc.). This tool generates a list of the references and quantities of material necessary to make the required connections:

Multiple moulds

The multiple mould is a system designed to make different connections using the same graphite pieces. Multiple mould is focused for horizontal T, cross and earth rod welding. However, in some cases it can also weld straight and parallel bonds. The multiple mould is the best solution if only a few common welding types are required, when the features of the work to be carried out cannot be predicted, when conductor sizes are variable or in case of any unexpected occurrences during installation.