Backer Rod’s Mile High Foam®

IEP-Backer Rod’s are experts in the specialty caulking field, providing backing for elastomeric and other applied sealants to the worldwide construction market. No other company manufactures and supplies backer rod products that are able to withstand temperature variations from -60º F to over 2000º F. Serving construction industry with specific applications in expansion/construction joints to include:

  • highway construction and maintenance
  • log homes
  • parking decks
  • buildings requiring structural fireproofing
  • fire rated for 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours construction (ASTME 119)
  • seismic movement (ASTME 1399)
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IEP-Backer Rod’s Mile High Foam®

The Mile High Foam® is a closed cell polyethylene backer rod serving as a backing for elastomeric and other applied caulking sealants. Mile High Foam® controls the depth and amount of sealant required.

Mile High Foam® forms the correct hour glass shape of sealant, thus providing the best adhesion and cohesion configuration possible.

Specific Uses:

For use in expansion/construction joints in concrete and precast concrete walls, floors, partitions, bridge construction, parking decks, curtain walls, glazing, log home construction, highway construction, and pavement maintenance. Mile High Foam® is compatible with most cold applied sealants.

Composition and Materials:

Mile High Foam® is continuous lengths of flexible, round, closed cell polyethylene. Black in color and available in a wide range of diameters.

Technical Data:

Mile High Foam® is chemically inert, resists oil, gasoline and most solvents. Material is odorless and will not stain.

Physical Properties:
  • Density: 1.25-2.0 lbs/ft³; ASTM D-1622
  • Out-gassing: >1; ASTM C-1253
  • Tensile: 39-50 PSI; ASTM C-1623
  • Moisture Absorption: 0.002 g/cm³; ASTM C-1016 – Proc. B
  • Temperature Range: -90ºF to +210ºF; ASTM D-5249
  • Compression: >90; ASTM D-5249