Bussmann High Speed Fuses

IEP, a Malaysia-based industrial electrical power products, electrical distribution system and power distribution equipment, provides a variety of solution across all industries for indoor and outdoor application, ranging from extra low voltage, low voltage (LV), medium voltage (6.6KV/11KV/22KV/35KV).

Bussmann offers a complete range of North American blade and flush-end style fuses and accessories. Their design and construction were optimized to provide:

• Low energy let-through (I2t)

• Low watts loss

• Superior cycling capability

• Low arc voltage
• Excellent DC performance

North American style fuses provide an excellent solution for medium power applications. While there are currently no published standards for these fuses, the industry has standardized on mounting centers that accept Bussmann fuses.

Voltage Rating

All Bussmann North American style fuses are tested at their rated voltage. Bussmann should be consulted for applications exceeding those values.


External and internal open fuse indication is available for selected portions of the North American line. Fuseblocks are available for most applications.


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