Cable Management

IEP, a Malaysia-based industrial electrical power products and cable tray distributor, provides a variety of cable management system ranging from wire mesh steel cable tray, PVC trays, perforated cable trays, cable ladders, flexible conduit, conduits, single and trefoil cable cleats, cable module system CMS), etc. Material ranging from PVC, electrozinc plated steel, hot dip galvanized steel (HDG), Stainless Steel 304 (SS304L) and 316 (SS316L), Aluminium, deep galvanized silicon steel, Glass Reinforce Polymer (GRP).


Products and systems for electrical installations and information networks

A specialist in trunking solutions
IEP Legrand offers perimeter trunking solutions in PVC-U, steel and aluminium. And as the world leader in both cable management and wiring devices, our combined know-how ensures the choice of perfectly integrated systems that are designed to work together.
Our aim is to increasingly adopt targets to reduce the environmental impact of our products. The new IEP Legrand DLP Contour range has been developed with this in mind and is manufactured from lead-free(1) PVC-U.

IEP Legrand DLP Contour range, an updated range for all commercial new build and renovation projects.

The perfect partner
IEP Legrand DLP Contour perimeter trunking ensures electrical equipment and communication networks are available just where you want them… making it the ideal choice for any modern commercial environment, from hotels and offices to meeting rooms and classrooms.
Sleek enough to go unnoticed, stylish enough to be on show, IEP Legrand DLP Contour brings commercial buildings to life.

Transforming old into new
IEP Legrand DLP Contour is the ideal choice for refurbishment projects, bringing older buildings up to speed with today’s power and data demands without the need for major work, saving you time and money. Its adjustable bends make light work of uneven corners, whilst the unique flexible lid ensures a smooth finish.

Modern buildings such as offices, schools and hotels require convenient, flexible access to ever-changing power and data needs.
This can only be achieved by creating an adaptable infrastructure, capable of integrating electrical equipment and communication networks wherever needed.

Fast, flexible and full of features, a fully integrated, installer-friendly solution

Simply more effective
IEP Legrand Legrand has refined its popular DLP range to ensure its PVC-U perimeter trunking offer meets the needs of the UK market. The updated DLP Contour range continues to be as flexible and installer-friendly as its predecessor, and is now easier to order and stock.
IEP Legrand DLP Contour comprises three profiles… dado, skirting and universal… in three metre lengths. In addition, new two metre universal lengths are now available for easy transportation and handling on smaller jobs.
The transformation is completed by a choice of innovative fixing methods and new accessories that aid with the latest regulations compliance.

Part M compliance
New contrast frames allow Legrand’s Synergy White wiring devices to be used on white trunking whilst helping designers to
meet the requirements of Part M of the Building Regulations.
EMC screening
Optional clip-in steel dividers can be used to greatly enhance EMC screening between power and data cables.

Three stylish profiles…seven versatile options
IEP Legrand DLP Contour is available in a choice of three different profiles… dado, skirting and universal… each of which offers a selection of
sizes to ensure the right configuration as well as the right look.

Multiple fixing options
• Spit Pulsa 700E nail gun end cap : for fixing to concrete, steel and other substrates
• Rapid wall plug : for plasterboard (drill, screw and plug in one action)
• Wall plug : for plasterboard (drill and hammer)

Smooth cornering
Create a smooth, contoured, professional finish, even when walls are not perfectly square, using IEP Legrand DLP Contour’s adjustable corners and unique flexible lid.

IEP Legrand DLP Contour’s unique innovations such as the flexible lid, clip in / out back boxes and adjustable corners make installation and
maintenance child’s play.

The perfect finish, add versatility and style with Synergy wiring devices.

Complete your installation with Synergy wiring devices. Timeless design, ingenious features and high quality components that provide complete solutions for today’s demanding users. With 19% of the global wiring devices market, millions of people around the world have already switched on to Legrand!

Quality components and ease of installation make Synergy the ideal partner for IEP Legrand DLP Contour. And with a wide choice of finishes and styles, there is certain to be a match for any environment, ensuring consistency throughout every installation.

Access to and use of buildings Meeting the requirements of the latest Part M regulations.

Part M requirements for wiring devices and controls take into account three elements :
Accessibility : positioning of wiring devices
Visibility : contrast with surroundings
Ease of use : large or separated controls
Through its vast product portfolio and its market-leading technical support, Legrand is ideally placed to offer high quality solutions
and advice whatever the application.

Keeping it simple
At first glance the regulations may appear complex and costly to achieve, but a closer look and a dip into IEP Legrand’s huge selection of wiring devices provides some simple, cost-effective solutions.