IP66 Weather Proof Enclosures

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IEP Legrand Atlantic stainless steel wall mounting Weather Proof enclosures, IP 66 – IK 10 – Nema 4x

Technical information
IEP Legrand Stainless steel IP66 Weather Proof enclosures provide a solution in harsh, aggressive environments such as chemical plants or offshore Legrand offers two grades of stainless steel depending on the type of corrosion encountered.

2 types of stainless steel
304 L : Provides good resistance to :
– nitric acid at concentrations of 52 % at all temperatures (or 98 % when cold)
– cold dilute organic acids
– alkaline solutions (unless hot or above 50 %)
– saline solutions other than chlorides, sulphides and sulphates
– fresh water and natural atmosphere with low carbon content
– food products (except mustard and white wine)
316 L : Provides good resistance to :
– all concentrations of phosphoric acids at temperatures up to 40 %
– sulphuric acids weaker than 10 %, or more than 80 % at 20 °C
– sulphuric mixes up to 70 °C
– sulphuric solutions and vapours, even bailing
– saline solutions, except chlorides
– all concentrations of alkaline solutions below 100 °C
– fresh water and natural atmosphere (particularly the marine environment)
– organic, food and pharmaceutical products Physical properties
Specific weight – density : 8
Coefficient of expansion : 16 μ / m °C
Specific heat : 500 J / kg °C
Electrical resistivity : 0·75 μΩ mm2
Thermal conductivity : 15 W / m °C
The only way of guaranteeing excellent resistance to intercrystalline corrosion is the low carbon content (0·03 %) of 304 L and 316 L
stainless steel.

IP66 Weather Proof enclosure according to IEC 60529, IK 10 according to IEC 62262, EN 50102, UL listed (Nema 4x), CSA, Bureau Véritas, GÖST, LRS. LCIE N° 380 584 A B
Stainless steel 304 L : Standard offer
Stainless steel 316 L : On request

For use in :
• areas requiring a high level of hygiene :
– food processing plants
– dairies
– industrial/commercial kitchens
• corrosive conditions :
– chemical plants
– pharmaceutical industry
– petroleum industry
– paper industry

Rounded door, protective flange, reversible enclosure
Automatic positioning of equipment on to active corners with M8 fixings
Provision to fix optional runners and brackets for depth adjustment in enclosures from 600 x 400 x 250 mm

IEP Legrand Marina cabinets and enclosures for robust and safe installation

• Class II and fiber glass reinforced polyester cabinets
• 8 sizes of cabinets and 3 sizes of enclosures from 300 x 220 x 160 mm to 1800 x 800 x 400 mm
• Equipment fixed directly at the back of the cabinets thanks to complete range of accessories

IP66 weather proof enclosure according to IEC EN 60529
LCIE n°60059283-560528
IK 10 according to IEC EN 62262 (EN 50102)
Class II (used to create totally isoled assemblies acc. to EN 60439-1 and assemblies for photovoltaic installations acc. to UTE C15-712-1)
Fiber glass reinforced polyester
Self-extinguisting 960°C acc. to IEC EN 60695-2-11
Adapted to corrosive environment and different weather conditions
Reversible door, opening 180°, (except Cat.No 0 362 50)
Stainless steel hinge pins (except Cat.No 0 362 50)
2 double bar lock (1 lock for Cat.No 0 362 50)
Direct fi xing of equipment at bottom of cabinet (screws supplied)
Possible to fi t a partial plate from 500 x 400 x 200 mm and/or rails on intermediate studs (except for Cat.No 0 362 50)
Optional depth adjustment from height 400 x width 300 mm with Cat.No 0 362 42.

IEP Legrand PLEXO BOXES, The box of tricks

Moulded from a selection of environmentally friendly materials, Plexo boxes provide a variety of solutions to meet your protection needs… IP 55 or IP 66, IK 07 or IK 08. Available with transparent or plain covers and with hinges or cover fixings, most Plexo boxes accept IP 2X
terminals, DIN rail and mounting plates.

Can be equipped with a plain plate or rail for fixing components and equipment.
Optional wall mounting brackets enable horizontal or vertical mounting.

Optional UV resistant hinges can be easily fitted to the standard box.
Fixings outside the envelope guarantee the IP rating and enable easy mounting of equipped boxes.
IP 2X terminals can be accommodated on boxes from 130 x 130 mm using the unique side mounting provided.