Heat/Flame Protection

IEP, a Malaysia-based industrial electrical power products, electrical distribution system and power distribution equipment, provides a variety of solution across all industries for indoor and outdoor application, ranging from extra low voltage, low voltage (LV), medium voltage (6.6KV/11KV/22KV/35KV).


The right choice of heat protection materials is important for the functioning and durability of the equipment.

The heat protection materials of IEP Anamet Europe B.V. can basically be divided into 2 groups:

1. Hipro-products, consisting of an E-glass fi bre base, covered with iron-oxide silicon rubber.

Temperature range: -55 °C till +260 °C continuous, +1090 °C for approx. 20 minutes and +1640 °C for 15-30 seconds (resistant to short term fl ame exposure and molten splash).
2. Thermo-products, consisting completely of E-glass fibre.

Temperature range: -55 °C till +538 °C continuous.

Both product groups are available in various grades and executions, like sleeving, tape, blankets and remountable wraps.

The choice of which product offers the best solution is strongly depending on the exact application.

Thermo-products don’t withstand open fl ame exposure and molten splash, like the Hipro-products do.

At the other hand Thermo-products offer a good heat protection at higher continuous temperatures than are possible for Hipro-products.

Next to the temperature resistance, there is also a difference in insulation characteristics, as shown in the graph below.


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