Heatshrink Cable Repair

IEP, a Malaysia-based industrial electrical power products, electrical distribution system and power distribution equipment, provides a variety of solution across all industries for indoor and outdoor application, ranging from extra low voltage, low voltage (LV), medium voltage (6.6KV/11KV/22KV/35KV).



IEP DSG-CANUSA Heat Shrink Cable Repair Sleeve

A superior wraparound insulation product that easily installs in repair and splice applications providing excellent insulation and protection for cable jackets.

Features and Benefits
• 3:1 shrink ratio
• Shut down of system not required for repair
• High shrink ratio covers even irregular shapes
• Better split resistance than competitive products
• Simple RAIL-LESS® installation with clamshell design
• Thermoplastic adhesive liner provides complete environmental protection and insulation
• Continuous operating temperature: -55°C to 110°C
• Shrink temperature: 120°C
®RAIL-LESS is a registered trademark of ShawCor

• Meets ICEA and NEMA insulation thickness specifications

Typical Applications
• Cable jacket repair
• Retrofit protection of connectors
• Low voltage cable splicing
• Conduit repair


IEP DSG-CANUSA Heat Shrink Cable Repair Sleeve

Adhesive lined, heat shrink wraparound sleeve that is closed with a flexible stainless-steel locking channel. Used for general re-jacketing and sealing applications, protection of damaged cable or repair of cable joints. Installs easily in splice applications that are longer in length

Features and Benefits
• >3:1 shrink ratio
• Provides water tight seal upon recovery
• Offers mechanical durability
• Application procedure is quick, simple and clean
• Covered with thermochromatic paint that changes upon correct shrink temperature
• Sleeve and channel can be cut to suit short application requirements
• Steel channel provides permanent closure system
• Installation temperature range: -15°C to 45°C

Typical Applications
• Cable jacket repair
• Primary insulation cover on low voltage cables


CRDW Cable Repair Sleeve

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