LCS2 Networking Solution

IEP, a Malaysia-based industrial electrical power products and cable tray distributor, provides a variety of datacenter or telecommunication infrastructure ranging from cable management system, backup power products ranging from Commercial Modular Backup Power, AC UPS, DC Charger, Inverter, batteries management system, structure cabling, fiber optics, etc.



Legrand’s expertise
The Legrand group is aworld leader in communication networks for data transmission. Its investment in the development and design of structured cabling systems and solutions has enabled it to develop its offer and achieve the highest performance levels. These solutions are ideal for today’s multimedia networks, technologies and applications.

A complete global solution
– Legrand provides complete ranges, to meet three requirements:
- Network performance
- Network protection
 – Accessibility of the infrastructures inherent to the communication networks of service sector buildings (offices, hotels, shopping centres, university campuses, healthcare establishments, etc.)
– This guide has been designed to provide you with technical answers and the product-based solutions to your problems.

IEP Legrand LCS² complete systems with a 25-year guarantee

IEP Legrand LCS² cat. 6A (up to 500 MHz), cat. 6 (up to 250 MHz) and cat. 5e (up to 100 MHz) systems have been designed as coherent entities to optimise their performance from the technical room to the workstation.

These systems are suitable for fibre optic cables as well as copper cables. Measurements of LCS² components and links are validated by independent laboratories 3P Third Party Testing and ETL.

IEP Legrand LCS² category 6A designed to exceed all application requirements

With IEP Legrand LCS² category 6A, Legrand guarantees installed channel performance exceeding all category 6A crosstalk requirements by 5dB /TIA* or 3dB /ISO* and exceeding all category 6A return loss requirements by 3dB /ISO-TIA* for configurations and installations conforming to standards, as well as on-site testing conducted by verified testing agents.
* Depending on the degree of accuracy offered by the tester at the test point.

Guaranteed applications
10Base-T 155 Mbps ATM
100Base-TX 270 Mbps digital video
1000Base –T Broadband video
1000Base-TX 1.2 Gbps (CBIG) ATM
10GBase-T 10 Gigabit Ethernet
Compliance with standards
ISO/IEC – 11801 (second edition) class EA amendment 2

100 metre horizontal channel
The LCS² category 6A channel is designed to offer flexibility. Legrand LCS² solutions have been designed to optimise application performance by using all standardised channel lengths and configurations. With Legrand LCS² category 6A solutions, it is no longer necessary to determine specific installation specifications or particular patch cable width limits.

IEP Legrand LCS2 fibre optic high density system

IEP Legrand LCS2 high density fibre optic drawers are easy to install and maintain, offering complete accessibility and built-in coiling accessories.

A flexible and easy to install system

A ready made system compared to traditional installation: fully populated modules and preterminated trunks. Installation is cut to a minimum: one single connection connects 12/24 fibres instantly. (MTP/MPO interfaces)
– Easy installation of 24-fibre modules (12-fibre modules available on request)
– Fixed mid-module position for easy patch cord installation and port access: no need for extraction tool
– Open chassis for front and rear module access
– Front and rear cable management
– A or C polarity (B available on request)
– Compatible with 1 U – 5 modules chassis (up to 120 LC ports) and with 2 U – 12 modules chassis (up to 288 LC ports)

Custom solutions available on request

– Preterminated MTP/MPO trunks
– Factory preterminated module
– Terminated end (MTP, LC, breakout module, etc.)
– Splice module

Fibre optic solutions in buildings tackling the latest challenges in buildings

IEP Legrand LCS2 FTTO/FTTD solutions will satisfy the needs of users with its enhanced performance in terms of speed, energy saving and modularity over increasing distances.

– Economic and environmental performance for full IP convergence buildings Gross speed up to 300 m in OM 3 and thousands of metres in OS 1/OS 2
– Less equipment required in technical rooms
– Optimised digital infrastructure thanks to better fibre density
– Energy saving switches: consumption of the transmitted data is lower through the fibre material (no ventilation inside)