Cable Tray System

Legrand Cable Tray Support System Supplier/Distributor In Malaysia

IEP, a Malaysia-based industrial electrical power products and cable tray distributor, provides a variety of cable management system ranging from wire mesh steel cable tray, PVC trays, perforated cable trays, cable ladders, flexible conduit, conduits, single and trefoil cable cleats, cable module system CMS), etc. Material ranging from PVC, electrozinc plated steel, hot dip galvanized steel (HDG), Stainless Steel 304 (SS304L) and 316 (SS316L), Aluminium, deep galvanized silicon steel, Glass Reinforce Polymer (GRP).


The Legrand cable tray system is a very effective system to support insulated electric cables used in electrical power distribution and communication systems, commonly used in a variety of commercial and industrial settings alike. It is especially useful in facilitating ease of wiring changes, allowing replacements and installations to be carried out with minimal interruptions to other wiring. IEP, a Malaysia-based cable tray distributor and supplier of industrial and commercial electrical and power products, reliable cable tray systems with features such as adjustable bends and quick-fit couplers, enabling installations of minimal hassle, and easy support and management of electrical wiring systems in any commercial or industrial buildings.

Why choose IEP Legrand SWIFTS, the Legrand distributor Malaysia?

In a word, confidence. Legrand is a world leader in its field, with offices and subsidiaries in more than 60 countries and sales in close to 180 countries. Globally, Legrand holds 19% of the wiring devices market and 15% of the cable management market.

Innovation for progress

Legrand SWIFTS cable trays invests heavily in research and development. It has around 1,800 people throughout the world inventing, designing, testing and validating new ideas.

By actively focusing on new product development, Legrand cable trays is able to launch new ranges that are packed with innovative features to facilitate installation for the contractor and simplify usage for the end user.

Sustainable development

Legrand relies heavily on its core values and on the expertise of its teams to ensure profitable, long-lasting and responsible growth… combining long-term performance with environmental conservation and the valuing of human resources

IEP Legrand Swifts® cable tray, Legrand distributor Malaysia…ultimate versatility
Overcome obstacles and challenges on-site with the NEW universal bracket. Designed for use with SRF or MRF cable tray, the universal bracket is a must-have for any toolkit. This simple, innovative addition to the range offers true versatility when faced with demanding site conditions.

One innovative bracket… endless configurations
The NEW universal bracket can be hand folded, bent, split or hinged to offer a multitude of functions. The unique design provides the flexibility to cope with demanding on-site requirements. Supplied with ‘quick bolt fasteners’ and driver tool. Use in conjunction with the NEW universal fishplate to add additional support and cable protection.

NEW universal bracket… ultimate versatility

Overcome obstacles and challenges on-site with the NEW universal bracket. One innovative bracket… endless possibilities

IEP Legrand Swifts® cable tray, Legrand distributor Malaysia… the quick fit choice
The distinctive slot pattern on Swifts cable tray systems provides installers with total flexibility for the positioning of nuts and bolts, cable ties and all ancillary items. Available in four types, from light duty through to extra heavy duty, each system is supported by a fully integrated range of time saving fixings and fittings.

Quick fit… money saving!
IEP, Legrand distributor Malaysia for Legrand Swifts cable tray, as with all of Legrand’s cable management systems, features a number of time-saving innovations that not only save time on-site but also save money:
• Integral coupler system on all fittings
• ‘Easi-clip’ fast-fi t connection for MRF tray to Swiftrack channel support
• Unique adjustable bends
• Quick-fit couplers available for straight lengths on MRF and SRF tray systems