Marine & Military Defence Connector

IEP, a Malaysia-based industrial electrical power products, provides a variety of explosion proof electrical equipments ranging from Exd, Exde, Exe, Exn, Ex ia Ex p, Ex q, Ex m, etc. In addition, all kine of connectors & wiring devices for marine and military defence industries.  


IEP TE Connectivity Seacon’s electrical dry-mate connectors are mated in air with the mating interfaces being kept dry and sealed from the external environment. Once properly mated, the connector can be submerged to it’s rated depth.

IEP TE Connectivity Seacon’s electrical wet-mate connectors enable the user to make and break connections both on the surface and underwater. Many of these connectors have been used successfully over the years for a variety of applications including underwater cameras, diver communications and ROV systems.

As fiber optic communication continues to evolve, the Seacon Group are able to offer a comprehensive and extensive range of fiber optic products which are designed and manufactured to meet the specific and varied environmental conditions demanded today.

IEP TE Connectivity Seacon’s underwater mateable electrical connectors have features that protect the electrical contacts from the external environment. In addition, pressure compensated fluid-filled chambers allow repeated mates/de-mates underwater without servicing.

IEP TE Connectivity Seacon’s underwater mateable optical connectors manufactured by Seacon Advanced Products, LLC., of Bellville, Texas, USA include the field proven Hydralight second generation fiber optic connector, the S-Series, Microstar and new G3 third generation connector suitable for downhole applications.

IEP TE Connectivity Seacon manufacture a wide range of penetrators for use in applications in which a waterproof seal needs to be made between a cable and a pressure vessel. This is often accomplished using a connector set, but if there is no requirement to separate the cable from the equipment a penetrator can be used. Typical uses; high speed communications, long-distance, production control.

IEP TE Connectivity Seacon range of products for downhole applications include the HP/HT connector available in either electrical, optical or hybrid versions and recently developed G3 3rd Generation 6-channel optic which combines the strength of the Hydralight design with the latest technology from the telecommunications industry.

With ever increasing inquiries for connectors to be used for Ethernet applications and our continuous program of specifying suitable connectors from our standard range for use on these systems, Seacon has identified a number of standard connector ranges suitable for Ethernet use.

The IEP TE Connectivity EX-MATE is based around pb^`lk (europe)’s existing and successful SEA-MATE range and can be wet mated in depths of up to 50m in addition to its suitability for use in explosive environments. It is also available in 4 shell sizes (G, K, L, M) between 2 & 37 contact configurations. However like the SEA-MATE, this series has interchangeable inserts so can be adapted to a number of pin configurations. In addition, the EX-MATE incorporates an Atex approved glanding system for the cable which is encapsulated within the over mold, making it suitable for a range of hazardous environments.

The IEP TE Connectivity EX-MATE is suitable for a number of applications including Topside FPSO, Drilling vessels or other potentially explosive environments as covered by the extensive qualification testing.

IEP TE Connectivity C-Lite Cables
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