Battery-Powered Crimping Tools

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IEP-Emerson Klauke’s are the market leaders for battery-powered hydraulic tools for plumbing, heating and ventilation industries and are at the forefront of the crimped connection sector. No matter whether for cutting, crimping or punching segment we offer a wide selection from a single source range of quality cable connecting products and market leading tooling. 


IEP-Emerson Klauke’s Battery-Powered Crimping Tools 

IEP-Klauke’s battery-powered crimping tools made performance easy. This mini tools is lightweight yet powerful. Comes in practical dimensions making it the ideal solution for confined areas, in panel building for instance. A convenient expert for any crimping job cross section. 

K4 Series – EK354  

This battery powered crimping tool has a large cross section range from 6 to 150mm². Its got a slim crimping head, flip top style, rotatable, ideal when space is critical. Suitable for crimping standard and heavy duty CTT-Copper tube terminals from 6 – 150mm2. Lightweight with one-button effortless operating concept for convenient one-hand operation. Ergonomics design for convenient one-hand operation. 

Key Characteristics:
• For interchangeable dies, series 4, narrow crimping
• Slim crimping head
• Automatic retraction when crimping is complete
• Blue tooth for readout of data
• 18 V/2.0 Ah Li-Ion battery
• Crimping force: 35 kN

K5 Series – EK505

The Klauke EK505CFB mini is a lightweight 18v battery-powered hydraulic crimping tool with a crimp range of 6 – 240 mm².

• For crimping dies series 5
• Intelligent Pressing System “IPS”
• Display for tool data
• 18 V/2.0 Ah Li-Ion battery
• Crimping force: 50 kN

K22 Series – EK6022

• For crimping dies series 22
• Two stage hydraulics
• Intelligent Pressing System „IPS“
• Display for tool data
• 18 V/5 Ah Li-Ion battery
• Crimping force: 60 kN

K13 Series – EK12042

• For crimping dies series 13
• C-head with 42 mm opening width
• Intelligent Pressing System „IPS“
• Automatic retraction stop (ARS)
• 18 V/5 Ah Li-Ion battery
• Crimping force: 120 kN, wide crimping

EKM60ID  – 10 – 240 mm

Very well suited for compacted conductors. Especially for fine strand conductors according to DIN VDE 60228

• With 2-stage telescopic cylinder
• No dies required
• Intelligent Pressing System „IPS“
• 18 V/2.0 Ah Li-Ion battery
• Crimping force: 30-60 kN

IEP-Klauke’s Battery Powered Crimping Tools Leaflet

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