Penetration Sealing System

IEP, your On-shore and Off-shore Penetration Sealing System provider – Water, Fire & Gas

At IEP, we provide expertise On-shore and Off-shore Penetration Sealing System application to protect industrial and commercial buildings from three main core area – Water, Fire and Gas penetration or leaks with absolute reliable secure and tightness.

Our On-shore application includes:

  • Passive Firestop System

IEP-STI Firestop System offer the most comprehensive range of firestop solution products and UL® tested systems ranging from firestop systems, perimeter barrier solutions to static and dynamic construction joints.

  • Water or Fluid Sealing System:

IEP-Hauff Technik offer solutions with proven tightness on cable seals, pipe seals and building seals.

  • Flood Defence System & Blast Resistant door/window.

IEP-MMEngineering offer the best engineered defence products in the market for flood protection and blast resistant door/window. All manufactured under strict quality control standards. Our automated Flood gates design in mind with 50-year minimum design life, build in accordance with BS EN 12453:2001 and quality heavy-duty material providing total flood seal protection. While our Blast Door/Windows is design and produce in according to ASTM E1300 outlined procedure responding in accordance with blast effects on buildings 2nd Edition.

Our Off-shore application involves:

  • Marine Passive Fire Protection

IEP-STI Marine Firestop offer quality, high performance and technologically advanced fire safety products and solutions that help save lives and protect property. Our complete line of products preserve and protect vessels and platforms. Tested and manufactured under the strictest quality control standards to withstand the forces of nature, the threat of fire.

  • Multi Cable Transit System (MCT)

IEP-Hawke Transit System provide proven fire, water or gas environmental seals products approved for both A Class (IMO & SOLAS 74 regulations) and H Class Maritime applications (Jet Fire Test). All products are certified and accredited by Lloyd’s Register (MED), Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, Germanicher Lloyd’s, LPBC, American Bureau of Shipping. Together with ISO9001 & Lloyds Register (MED).

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