ATEX tools - Non Sparking Tools

ATEX Non Sparking Tools Supplier in Malaysia

Our non sparking tools are designed and manufactured according to the standard requirements indicated by the Certifying Authority. The samples have been tested and have reached a positive outcome in compliance with the standards indicated by the designated Authority in relation to non sparking tools.

Non sparing tools are specifically used for safe work in environments with a potential risk of explosion, where flammable liquids or gases are used, or for applications that require the use of perfectly non-magnetic tools, with high resistance against corrosion.

These non sparking tools avoid the possibility of generating any sparks created while using the tool: their special composition in Copper-Beryllium (Cu-Be) or aluminium-copper (Al-Cu) guarantees the perfect combination between non sparking characteristics and mechanical resistance.

This special alloy, used throughout the new non sparking range of tools, represents the best possible choice for this type of application, and thanks to the knowledge and experience that has followed our company for years, each tool is studied and researched even in terms of ergonomics and design, in order to achieve the best possible quality.

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