With 16 years of industry expertise, IEP stands as a trusted supplier of industrial electrical products and accessories in Malaysia. Our product line encompasses essential components such as uninterruptible power systems (UPS), plugs, sockets, fuses, cable trays, heat-shrink tubing products, and more. Whether you require power distribution systems, cable management solutions, or installation products, IEP has you covered.

When you choose IEP as your supplier, you gain access to a team of in-house engineers capable of providing turnkey solutions. Our expertise extends to harsh environment industrial electrical product supply, facility/asset electrical protection, electrical installation works, procurement outsourcing, passive firestop design, energy-saving lighting control design, cable management system solutions, explosion-proof lighting, and cable penetration sealing systems.

By selecting IEP for your industrial electrical products and accessories needs, you’re investing in a partnership that ensures your electrical systems are not only robust but also fully compliant with industry standards. Explore the benefits of sourcing from IEP, where quality and expertise unite to redefine your electrical endeavors in Malaysia.

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