Adaptaflex Flexible Conduits

Flexible Electrical Cable Conduit In Malaysia

IEP, flexible conduit Malaysia supplier, supply all kind of flexible electrical conduit especially for special application i.e. explosion proof, high temperature, flame retardant, high corrosion protection, etc.

IEP Thomas & Betts’s Adaptaflex is one of the market leading flexible conduit system brands that can be found all over the world. Combining innovative design with dedicated manufacture it offers customers one of the world’s broadest ranges of cable protection products and solutions. With a choice of over 6000 products the range covers metallic and non-metallic flexible conduit systems for the protection of critical power and data cable.

– High compression/crush strength
– Tensile strength — pull off load under tension
– Impact resistance
– Inherent fire protection on uncoated versions
– Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel options
– Braided — High level EMI screening with tinned copper overbraided
– Greater temperature tolerances


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Machinery Applications

This market is driven by the needs to meet the best in lean manufacturing. To achieve this every piece of equipment in this sector is pushed for greater efficiency by working more intensely and faster. As a result any conduit installed in these applications will need to provide excellent mechanical strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance in order to supply the best possible solution to provide protection along the entire length of all the moving parts.

In this hardworking environment of both dynamic and static applications it is essential that any cable management products continue to deliver performance in areas where resistance to oils and chemicals is paramount. Any down time in manufacturing can be very costly so products that can offer high ingress protection are fundamental and IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptaflex can offer a wide range of solutions to meet all of these needs.

Technology is increasingly being used in modern machine tools and the need to interface conduit to multipin-connectors is escalating. Nylon systems continue to gain popularity in this sector due to their excellent performance, flexibility and low installed cost benefits. For this reason IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptaflex has developed a wide range of liquid tight connector interfaces in the IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptalok range.

Machine Tools Typical Applications

– Metal cutting and fabrication
– Milling Machines
– CNC machine tool technology
– Molding machinery
– Wood Turning Equipment

Product Recommendations
– SPL Liquidtight Conduit Systems
– Overbraided Conduit Systems

Automation Applications
In the field of automation all cable management systems need to withstand some gruelling conditions concerning flexibility. Motion intensive, continuous cycling machinery can stress conduit systems in every direction at high speed with repetitive movements including swivel actions.

The ability to work at high speed for long periods is a prerequisite with total reliability in hostile or no maintenance applications essential.
Any conduit systems installed in this environment can be called on one or all of the following properties: high fatigue life performance; protection for abrasion; be highly flexible; first-class pullout strength and include antistatic properties.

IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptaflex flexible electrical conduit have been designing solutions for this market for many years and can bring a wealth of technical expertise to ensure you have the right product for the job.

Automation Typical Applications

– Pick and Place Robotics
– Conveyor Systems
– Spray Painting and Coating Equipment
– Clean Room Applications
– Measuring and Testing & Automation

Product Recommendations
– Braided Conduit
– Adaptasteel Conduit

Marine Applications
Safety and reliability are vital considerations within one of the harshest operational environments to be found. Products specified and installed within this sector have to face the particular damaging effects from the wind, wave and salt spray conditions in vastly exposed areas. Whilst this demands for the most robust of products it also calls for solutions where vibration and temperature extremes add to the challenge.

IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptaflex flexible electrical conduit offer a broad range of solutions to suit this sector and which take into consideration minimum environmental impact, corrosion and chemical resistance, long service life and low fire hazard properties. Utilising IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptalok sealing systems also offers ingress protection particularly valuable in pressure washing applications and with our specialist insert seal raises the IP rating from IP66 to IP67/68/69K.

Marine Typical Applications

– Ship/Boat Engine Rooms
– Ship and Dock Yards
– Leisure Boats and Cruisers
– Marina Developments
– Ocean-Going Craft

Product Recommendations
– SPL Liquidtight Conduit Systems
– Overbraided Conduit Systems

Commercial & Contracting Applications

The variety of construction buildings and project requirements within the commercial market is indeed immense. But whatever the challenge you can be sure that IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptaflex flexible cable conduit have a solution to meet those specific requirements.

In these environments there are ever increasing demands not only for quicker and easier to install solutions but also for increased safety and technical performances to meet the specific needs of municipal buildings. The ability to offer product ranges with enhanced low fire hazard properties for safety or overbraiding for security and EMI shielding. Where exposed interiors call for design consideration there is a choice such as conduit in different colours such as white or in different materials such as stainless steel to complement interior styling – IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptaflex flexible cble conduit have a range to suit.

Typical Application

– Office Buildings
– Schools
– Hospitals (EMC)
– Retail Developments
– Leisure Complexes/Sports Stadiums

Product Recommendation
– Low fire hazard PA conduit systems
– Adaptalok systems
– LFH-SP Liquid resistant covered flexible
– steel conduit enhanced low fire hazard

Rail Applications

Thomas & Betts work with some of the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of public transportation systems throughout the world. Leading corporations such as Alstom Transport, Bombardier Transportation and Siemens Transportation are just a few of the companies that have worked with us for specific design solutions, many of which incorporate the benefits of Thomas & Betts Adaptalok systems.

Thomas & Betts components need to meet a wide variety of environmental conditions as the very nature of this market can mean our systems are used in extreme environments varying from high temperature to freezing sub-zero conditions.

This combined with the need for products that can withstand constant vibrations, water ingress, offer corrosion resistance and be available made from a halogen free, low smoke and low toxicity material mean that supplying this sector can be one of the most technically demanding markets.

The proof of rising and meeting this challenge is that we are included on many project build lists.

Typical Applications
– Outside the Train/Carriage – Impact resistance low temperature flexing
– Inside the Train/Carriage – Low fire hazard systems, weight.

– Exposed Locations – High impact resistance
– Bogie Connections – (Jumpers) High impact resistance low temperature flexing
– EMC Protection for safety critical systems
– Infrastructure projects – Stations, tunnels, trackside
– OEM packages installed on rolling stock

Product Recommendation
– PA conduit systems
– PR enhanced low fire hazard conduit systems
– PI low temperature flexible conduit
– PK conduit systems
– LFH-SP conduit systems
– CP conduit system
– IP66/67/68/69k Adaptalok/ATS fittings

Other Range of Limitless Applications 

The range of applications for IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptaflex cable and energy management flexible electrical conduit systems is almost limitless. Whenever cable needs protection and wherever cable connections are required you will find that IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptaflex have the answer, providing superior systems to cable management problems for over 30 years.

The range of products and variety of materials to choose from are immense. With different materials providing different performance characteristics it is important that you select not only the right product for your particular application but also the right material to give you continued performance where you need it.

IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptaflex flexible cable conduit Applications Engineers offer a breadth of experience gained internationally across all different market sectors. A bespoke design service and expert technical knowledge guarantees that IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptaflex will find the perfect product solution for your application.

Examples of Other Markets Served

– Telecommunications
– Medical
– Mining/Quarrying
– Automotive
– Subway and Light Rail Systems
– Security and CCTV

IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptaflex Flexible Conduit Malaysia supplier for Critical Power & Data Cable Protection

The most advanced conduit fitting is here… IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptalok ATS™ from IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptaflex flexible cable conduit. A revolutionary, one piece, moulded fitting ideal for wet or dry conditions. Offering a simple and failsafe choice of conduit fitting.

– Fastest to fit and simple to remove.
– Allows stock holding to be reduced.
– Faster and easier to specify.
– One piece fits all IP requirements.

NEW Rail Guide

Rail Industry Specification Guide from IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptaflex flexible electrical conduit. The essential industry reference tool

– Detailed guide on conduit applications for all types of train, light rail, underground, overground, trackside, maintenance & infrastructure applications.
– Technical data for hazardous categories, passenger safety systems, electromagnetic screening & fire standards.
– Overview of global rail standards and how they apply to conduit systems.
– Flexible conduit systems and individual applications.

IEP Thomas & Betts Adptaflex Non-metallic flexible conduit Malaysia supplier inclusive Fittings & Accessories

Range Overview
IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptaflex have more than 20 different types of non metallic conduit systems all providing different technical properties for your cable management applications. Conduit is available in many different materials, ranging from lightweight to heavyweight with nominal conduit sizes from 10mm right up to the Jumbo size of 106mm.

For more demanding applications there is a wide-ranging high specification series of conduit with enhanced low fire hazard properties, EMI screening and incorporating high fatigue life. Overbraided options are available for use in abrasive environments.

Standard product is manufactured in a wide range of materials. The corrugated construction provides good flexibility and low weight. In addition a range of fittings are specifically designed to maintain system integrity including the popular and easy to fit IEP Thomas & Betts Adaptalok flexible electrical conduit system. Fitting types are available in straight, 90°, 45°, with metric, PG, PF, & NPT threads.

Many of Thomas & Betts conduit systems have industry recognised approvals including British Kitemark, CE Approval, UL 1696, NF, LUL, DB, Lloyds Register amongst others.

– Non metallic conduits do not corrode (rust)
– Lighter in weight
– Quicker to install (cut & assemble fittings)
– Wider variety of fittings – much larger solutions choice
– Better fatigue life