Ridgid Underground Utility Locator

The RIDGID underground utility locator as distributed by IEP is equipped with accurate locating receivers, providing an instant and intuitive way to locate sondes and trace utility lines. These tools are powered by an omnidirectional antenna system and real-time signal processing, offering an easy-to-use visual mapping display, giving you the confidence to locate with precision.

Our available RIDGID tools in Malaysia include the RIDGID Line Locator with Bluetooth and GPS, designed with advanced technology for accurate line tracing. Additionally, we offer a selection of RIDGID Locating Equipment, known for their ruggedness and durability, backed by the latest technology. For plumbing professionals, IEP provides reliable RIDGID Plumbing Locating Equipment, ensuring precise locating for your plumbing needs.


Our reputation as a reliable distributor in the market, covering most well-known brands, ensures that you receive quality products Choose quality, choose IEP for your underground locating services.

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