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IEP-Emerson RIDGID’s Diagnostics offer products that set the benchmark for ruggedness and durability with the technology needed to finish a job.  The RIDGID locating receivers give users an accurate and instantly intuitive way to locate sondes and trace utility lines. Powered by an omnidirectional antenna system and real-time signal processing, RIDGID receivers provide an easy to use visual mapping display that allows you to locate with confidence. Use with a SeeSnake® camera equipped with a sonde transmitter to locate the camera head during an inspection, or use with a line transmitter to find buried utilities.

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IEP-Emerson RIDGID’s Plumbing Locating Equipment

NaviTrack Scout® Locator 

The NaviTrack Scout Locator is designed to solve the most demanding remote transmitter (sonde) locates using multi-directional locating technology.

Easier Locates

The NaviTrack Scout multi-directional antenna technology sees the entire signal all of the time. Simply maximize the signal strength and you have found the target. No nulls or false peaks to complicate the locate.


This locator verifies the locate position using a micro-mapping display to mark distinctive poles in front of and behind the target, insuring an accurate locate.

Automatic Depth

Depth is automatically calculated and displayed when over the target.

• Unlike conventional locators, NaviTrack II and NaviTrack Scout have multi-directional antennas.
• These antennas, combined with sophisticated software, make locating fast, easy and accurate.
• Full Lifetime Warranty