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Advanced applications, including voice and data convergence and storage area networking, are taxing today’s structured cabling infrastructure. High-bandwidth networking was historically limited to long haul telecom networks and premise backbone systems. Thus, IEP, comprehensive indoor and outdoor type fiber optic cable suppliers with vast experience in supplying fiber optic cable Malaysia across all industries is key to success in implementing a proper fiber optic solution.


Today, convergence is extending the optical network into the domain of the user, demanding higher bandwidth solutions enterprise wide.


For information transfer between workstations, telecommunications rooms, data centers and inter-building networks that require high-bandwidth, security and immunity to noise, a fiber optic infrastructure offers the perfect choice. Emerging applications require technologies that provide high data rate capabilities and reliability, as well as ease of deployment and flexibility. High density, rapid deployment, and certified systems are key priorities in mission critical network applications. In concert, network designers expect fiber optic systems installed today to be scalable to support the user needs of tomorrow. Carefully planned optical fiber network solutions deliver lower cost of ownership, consistent high performance, and maximum up-time.

IEP, fiber optic cable suppliers with vast experience in supplying fibre optic cable Malaysia across all industries. Contact us now for your fiber optic needs now!

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