Installation Tools & Power

Through IEP network and collaboration with world renowned and trusted brands, we bring to you technology R&D engineered, innovative system and professionals tools that comes with advanced functionality, ease of use and durability, enabling delivery set by the industry standards. Our professional industrial tools include:

  • Cable Stripping Tools for High Voltage, Medium Voltage, Low Voltage (HV/MV/LV)
  • Cable cleats, Saddles, Fixing Devices & Accessories

IEP-Alroc cable preparation tools and connection devices, designs, develops and manufactures ranges of devices and solutions in the cable preparation tools and connection devices for LV/MV/HV cable, optical fiber cable, telecom cable, coaxial cable, gas tubes steel, cable holding & hanging solution

  • Cable Power Tools

IEP-Emerson Klauke, a specialist for top-quality battery-powered hydraulic tools for cutting, crimping or punching segment. – crimping & cutting tools, hand tools. We offer practical, effortless operations, lightweight yet powerful tools providing ideal solutions in reaching confined area with crimping head rotating through 360°.

  • Diagnostic, Inspection & Locating Devices

IEP-Emerson RIDGID tools stand up to the toughest challenges. IEP-RIDGID products build and manufactured for professionals evolving commercial, industrial and energy infrastructure markets and certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2005 Standards.

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