Hose Fittings

IEP, a Malaysia-based industrial electrical power products, electrical distribution system and power distribution equipment, provides a variety of solution across all industries for indoor and outdoor application, ranging from extra low voltage, low voltage (LV), medium voltage (6.6KV/11KV/22KV/35KV).

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For maximum holding power IEP BAND-IT recommends the Ultra-Lok® Clamping System for use with all hose fittings.

IEP Band-IT Tri-Lokt® Hose Nipples

  • BAND-IT’s exclusive design of the Tri-Lokt® Hose Nipple is the answer for heavy duty industrial hose applications.
  • The Tri-Lokt® Nipple should be used when a positive lock is required between the clamp and the nipple.
  • The locking yoke or tie strip assembly together with the BAND-IT® clamp accommodates the various wall thicknesses of different types of hoses.


  • End barb provides excellent holding strength.
  • Secure lock due to a unique yoke or tie strip assembly which is clamped to the hose.
  • Low Profile.
  • Ease of Installation.

Caution: Hose and nipples should never be operated in excess of the maximum working pressure established by the hose manufacturer.
* Finish may be clear zinc or dichromate zinc plating on the carbon steel nipple.