MV Cable Tools

IEP-Alroc’s cable preparation tools is a trusted and reliable tools manufacturer of over 30 years with ISO 9001 Standard Certification. Carefully design with innovation in mind with the highest quality materials, ensuring accuracy and security in any applications ranging from optical fiber stripping tools, tools for cutting optical fiber tubers, tools for stripping telecommunication cables to tools for stripping coaxial cables and etc.

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IEP-Alroc’s MV Cable Tools

IEP-Alroc’s Medium Voltage Cable Stripping Tools function to remove the outer sheath, outer semi-conductor, the insulation and shaping the insulation.

Diameter: ø16 – 58 mm (ø0.630 – 2.283 in)

The MF3/60 tools enables the user to remove the outer sheath (PE-PVC-PR) with a straight and neat cut; to score the peelable semiconductor (with the SR scoring stylus delivered with the tool) and to set the length to be removed and remove the insulation with a straight and neat cut.

Features: Tuning of the pitch of the tool and it comes with embeded wear pads to protect the tool from the contact with the outer sheath

  • Peelable Semi-conductor thickness capacity: 0.4 – 1.5 mm
  • Insulation Thickness Capacity: 7mm

Certifications: Approved by ENEDIS