Building Seals

Apart from connections for power, gas, water and telecommunications, every home or building requires a connection for waste water. So that your building is sealed right from the start, IEP-Hauff-Technik offers a range of innovative, professional and cost effective solutions for sealing waste water lines in basement walls or floor slabs.

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Tundish with integrated step safe cover for setting in concrete in the base slab for optimum sealing to the underground sewer pipe. Easy compensation of an offset (after concreting) between downpipe and base drain in all directions.

Wall collar

Water barrier flange for water pressure-tight integration of waste water pipelines in base slabs. Available in two sizes KGF110 and KGF160, suitable for pipe outside diameter 110 mm and 160 mm respectively.


HEA Earthing connections and the accessories are manufactured in stainless steel to highest quality standards. They maintain their function throughout their service life and have various uses, for example in protective, functional, operational and lightning protection earthing.