Marine Firestop Sealant


Marine Firestop Sealant Supplier In Malaysia

IEP, STI Marine MFS Firestop Sealant is an advanced a hybrid polymer sealant cures in the presence of atmospheric moisture and is designed for fire-rated divisions. MFS offers better water resistance than conventional silicone sealants and forms a tight, durable elastomeric seal, preventing the transmission of air, smoke and gasses


The firestop sealant is maintenance free and simple to install as it will forms into a flexible and vibration resistance seals. The sealant is resistant to aging and weathering due to its advanced hybrid polymer that acts as a non-corrosive and non-conductive. This is make the MFS firestop sealant an ideal sealant for the marine industry

TEST STANDARDS: 2010 IMP FTP Class A-0 to A-60, Class H-0 to H-120 (Bulkheads), Class H-0 to H-60 (Decks)


STI Marine Data Sheet – Sealant

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