C13 C14 Power Cable

• C13 to C14 Power Cable (Male, Straight), 10 A, 250 V.
• A high quality and durable power cable assembly or power extension cord for connecting a computer to a monitor or printer or extending an existing power lead.
• This extension cord is fully equipped with an C13 type connector on one end and an C14 connector on the other.
• The cable features integrated strain reliefs that provide additional protection and support to the connectors and protects them against damage from excessive bending.
• Conductor: Cross sectional area is 1.5 mm². Bare copper, fine wired stranded, class 5 acc. to IEC 60228 / HD 383 / DIN VDE 0295
• Sheath Colour: Black

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IEP C13 C14 Power Cable

Features & Benefits:
• Flexible and durable cable with PVC insulation and sheath
• Terminated with C14 and C13 connector. TUV and RoHS
• Rated at 250 V ac, 10 A maximum
• Customised lengths: 0.5m to 15m
• Reliable integrated strain relief for connection support and protection