Cable Ladder System

Swifts® Cable Ladder – faster by design

IEP-Legrand’s Swifts Cable Ladder offer comprehensive system of slotted rail cable ladder enables the coupling of lengths and fi ttings without the need for drilling… with fewer components and a wealth of innovative time-saving installation features, Swifts cable ladder remains the market leader

Fit faster. Save money.
Swifts cable tray is a complete system with a range of accessories – all packed with innovative features that lower the total cost of your installation. From an integral coupler system on all fittings to unique, adjustable bends and risers, as well as the new Swiftclip and the universal bracket, it’s all designed to provide a strong, long-lasting solution while saving you money as well as time.

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Sustainable Development
From design through to manufacturing, the Legrand Cable Ladder selects materials and processes that respect people and the environment.
• Efficient and environmentally aware product design
• Product functions that help to avoid energy waste
• Management of manufacturing and logistics sites
• Integration of environmental concerns and ISO 14001 procedures at the Group’s global sites. *
* 84% of sites are ISO 14001:2004 accredited including all UK sites.

> Integral couplers

The integration of couplers on all fittings means that separate coupler sets become a thing of the past when joining fittings and straight lengths.

> Half the fixings

As the couplers already form part of the fittings, they simply slot into place and need only be secured on the straight length… cutting the required number of fasteners by half.

> Save time, save money

What does all this mean to you? Fewer components to be ordered, less time to align couplers and less time to secure fasteners. The long-term success of Swifts cable ladder is built on design innovation and time-saving features that put us yet another rung ahead of the rest! The inclusion of integral couplers on all ladder fittings used together with our quick-fit fasteners more than halves the number of required fixings and dramatically cuts installation time and cost. Supplied as standard on all Topaz, Sapphire and Emerald fittings, this coupling technique benefits every installation type, from medium duty right through to extra heavy duty.

Fewer components…greater time savings!

Legrand cable ladder system continual product development and design innovation means that Swifts cable ladder is over 50% faster to install when connecting fittings to lengths…
• Integral couplers on all fittings
• Number of required fastener sets halved
• Two part quick-fit fasteners – 50% fewer fixing components

Legrand Cable Ladder – the cable management experts

Trusted for installations large and small
Legrand Swifts cable ladder has been tried and tested in installations of all sizes throughout the UK and beyond, from medium duty requirements in small commercial buildings through to extra heavy duty installations in refineries and heavy industry applications.

Specification data for Intergraph PDS and SmartPlant 3D engineering software systems
As part of our ongoing commitment to customer support, Legrand’s Swifts cable ladder and cable tray ranges are now integrated into Intergraph’s market leading PDS & SmartPlant 3D plant design modelling software. For many industries, achieving higher production goals within budget constraints and strict regulatory requirements is a challenging prospect. Applying engineering software allows for a high quality, fast-build, maintainable system which offers full workflow managed integration across the entire project enterprise. Using a library of intelligent Swifts cable ladder and cable tray product models inside a highly productive 3D design software system allows design teams to produce accurate and efficient cable management routing schemes, plans and procurement lists as a fully integrated part of the overall plant design.

Key benefits include :
• Whole plant lifecycle from FEED (Front End Engineering Design), detailed design and construction through to handover, full operation and beyond
• Database driven applications manage all of the engineering information in one location
• Intelligent rules and relationships including clash detection features
• High project visibility and review functionality creating more efficient and productive operations
• High performance 3D visuals giving interactive walkthrough and realism features
• Making the best use of global design teams leading to concurrent engineering