Distribution Boxes

IEP Marechal Distribution Boxes

IEP MARECHAL® offers a wide range of distribution boxes for all industrial applications and a large choice of products designed specifically for power-supply in tunnels.

The essential addition
The IEP Marechal Electric Distribution Box range allows you either fuse, RCD or ELCB protection for the Decontactor.
Supplies can be looped in and out using a prewired terminals. The IEP Marechal Electric BM range is a modular enclosure system enabling you to build-up exactly the configuration

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BG Series: Liquefied Gas Transfer Boxes 

􀁦 Carrier safety
􀁦 30 mA protection
􀁦 Guaranteed lorry grounding

* Safe connection box for loading and unloading liquefied gas from vehicles

CD Series: Distribution Box 16 A/32 A/63 A

􀁦 IP66/IP69 water-and dust-tight
􀁦 RCD protection
􀁦 For MARECHAL® DECONTACTOR™ socket outlets
􀁦 Complies with IEC/EN 61439-1 and IEC/EN 61439-3,
􀁦 Composed of two parts fixed on hinges
􀁦 Pre-wired ready for installation
􀁦 UV protected

CRIC Series: Connection Terminal

􀁦 From 2 x 1.5 to 2 x 120 mm2
􀁦 Vibration-resistant
􀁦 Thermal cycling-resistant and anti-shearing terminals

Tunnels series: Boxes & Connectors

IEP MARECHAL ELECTRIC is now a leading company in the electric connectionfor tunnels. Based on technology specially intended for such difficult environments and quick light disconnection, MARECHAL ELECTRIC has already equipped more than 700 km of underground roads, railroads and inland waterways…Always with the same objective: provide user safety, optimise maintenance and make the work of emergency services easier.