Fire Wrapping Kits for Cables

Cable systems of various sizes and types are found in buildings today These systems are numerous in public buildings, industrial facilities and power stations and etc. However, many insulations and cable sheaths are flammable.

From a fire prevention perspective, unprotected cable systems are a potential hazard which should not be underestimated. In the event of a fire, electrical cables and cable trays can act like a fuse, allowing the fire to spread in an uncontrolled manner. The combustible cable jacket may result in burning droplets, and also a release of toxic fumes which can lead to life threatening smoke inhalation These fumes can be highly corrosive and can have a destructive impact on technical facilities and other materials. In order to eliminate fire hazards, cable systems can be successfully protected with Fire Wrapping Kits FWK DG 07 SSCS.

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IEP Fire Wrapping Kits for Cables

Fire Wrapping Kits FWK DG 07 /SSCS

• 2 hours fire protection
• Very quick reaction with a strong foaming pressure
• Flexible and thin easy to handle
• Retrofitting possible at any time using a rack and pinion system
• Tensioning scru seal using only a screwdriver
• Weather resistant suitable for indoor and outdoor application.
• Solvent free, contains no halo gen

Approval/ Certification:
• Bomba Approved
• IEC 60332 3, Cat.A:2009 for 120 minutes

Scru-Seal Clamping System M21199 & C 13399

• A rack and pinion system used with band to create any size clamp.
• Components separately packaged rack and housing and band for flexibility
• Stainless steel offers very good resistance to mild atmosphere, fresh water and the sun’s UV rays
• An adjustable worm drive, screwdriver clamp can be made with any band cutter and a screw driver
• Can be re-tensioned at any time