Water-Gate Flood Barrier

Water-Gate Fencing Flood Problems in Malaysia

IEP partnering with Water-Gate flood barriers provide instant flood control, protection and prevention.

Its unique design allows water to enter the walls, which instantly stabilizes the barrier. The Water-Gate Floods series is specially developed with ballasting integrated into the front flap of the barrier to provide better water control. It deploys quickly, even when the flood has just started.

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IEP Water-Gate Water Barriers

An intervention system with multiple applications

Water-Gate flood barriers have been specially designed to provide unfailing protection against the flooding problems faced by many cities and towns located mainly in flood-prone areas. This innovative and unprecedented intervention equipment combines simplicity, robustness and reliability.
Water-Gate, the solution to the problems of flooding and water damage :
Water-Gate is without a doubt the fastest and most practical intervention equipment on the market! Besides being made of high-quality raw material, it saves time and money and can be reused many times.
Water-Gate water barriers provide protection up to 60 in. (1.5 m). It is possible to join different barriers together if one wishes to widen the field of intervention. The barrier has a high resilience capacity, which allows it to absorb impacts from objects without affecting its integrity.
Rapid Deployment
Deployment is done in just three (3) easy steps: unroll the barrier, unfold the first fold and let the water accumulate there. The pressure of the water will open and keep it in place, no matter what kind of bottom it restsupon.
Profitable Investment 
The Water-Gate  barrier is versatile and reusable. Its useful life is between 20 and 25 years. Compared to other competing models, the Water-Gate barrier offers ease of use in terms of deployment, uninstallation and handling stages, thus saving time and money.

Each unit incorporates a slim line base gasket allowing sealing to the ground terrain. Use is recommended on hard-standings. This system is ideal for controlling flowing water, for example diverting or deflecting damaging water flows to where you want them. Uses include for burst water mains and control of surface water run off.

Each individual FloodFence™ unit is 0.45m high and 1.0m in length. When connected up to other units the effective linear length of each unit is 0.91m.

Types of Use :-

  • Flash Floods

The Water-Gate flood barrier is easy to install and requires very little labour to deploy. Ideal for flash floods, sudden water level rises, downpours or any unforeseen event causing the flood. It provides instant protection.

  • Surface Water Deviation

The Water-Gate barrier allows rapid and safe interventions. This temporary solution is ideal during intervention by fire departments to, among other things, control and divert the path of rainwater, water splash from highways, traffic water, surface water and others.

  • Protection of Doors and Underground Entrances

Water-Gate flood barriers are available in different formats that allow them to adapt to different situations. It is possible to install them in the desired location: in front of a door, window, garage, elevator door, parking lot, underground entrance, etc.

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