High Currents Plug & Socket

IEP Marechal Electric High Currents (› 250 A)
• Port areas : power supply to ships, cranes …
• Tunnels, mining and quarries : power supply to tunnel drilling machines, mining vehicles …
• Buildings and public works : power supply to underground pipings …
• Railroad transport : power supply to engines and coaches …
• Iron and steel industry : power supply to industrial furnaces …
• Water treatment : power supply to submersible pumps …
• Power supply to generators

IEP Marechal Electric High performance plugs and socket-outlets
315 to 600 Amps, up to 1 000 Volts, IK10 , IP66/67, up to 8 auxiliaries … and easy and safe handling!
The most powerful industrial plugs and socket outlets meet the requirements of high power distribution: power supply to machines for mining and quarries, to machines to dig (tunnels), to ships and equipment (harbours), to town equipment, to public utilities …

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High Currents Plug & Socket

Main advantages:- 

Easy handling in complete safety
Conventional plugs and socket-outlets used in high current applications have two major drawbacks: firstly they require significant force for plug insertion and removal. Secondly, plug insertion into the socket-outlet first closes the main circuit, and then closes the pilot circuit without achieving watertightness.

The innovative design of the Marechal PF plug and socket-outlet allows:
– a plug insertion and removal with very little effort
– total safety for the user thanks to a separate operation between connecting / disconnecting the main contacts (socket-outlet and inlet) and connecting / disconnecting the pilot contacts (socket-outlet and inlet).
Thus the user first closes the PF’s main circuit under no-load conditions by rotating the plug into the socket-outlet.
Watertightness is, in the same time, automatically achieved. Then the user only needs to lock the plug. This operation closes at the same time the pilot circuit and allows the main circuit to be energized.
Conversely, the user opens the pilot circuit by unlocking the plug. The main circuit is thus de-energized. Again, without any effort, he just has then to rotate the plug in its socket outlet to remove it.


IEP Marechal Electric PFQ and PFC plugs and socket-outlets provide the user with absolute safety and unequalled ease of operation.
Automatic IP66/67 watertightness Marechal PF plugs and socket-outlets are IP66/67 watertight in all configurations (a plug lid is available as an optional feature to ensure the plug watertightness when not in use).
They allow the simultaneous closing of the main circuit and the watertightness of the plug and socket-outlet just by rotating the plug in the socket-outlet.

Guaranteed safety
The connection and disconnection are done without any danger to the user, through pilot contacts that provide the electrical locking. The pilot contacts are operated by the rotation of a cam which also ensures mechanical locking of the plug on the socket-outlet. Risk of oxidization is eliminated by the use of silver-nickel tipped contacts. The quality of long term connections is thus assured. The socket-outlets include a safety shutter that makes live parts inaccessible. This safety shutter may be removed from the front, for easy cleaning and maintenance.