High Temperature Socket

IEP Marechal Electric Standard or high-temperature compact plugs and socket-outlets
Like all IEP Marechal industrial plugs and sockets, IEP Marechal Electric PN plugs and socket-outlets provide automatic IP66/67 watertightness when the plug is connected to the socket-outlet or when the socket-outlet lid is closed. They use spring-assisted terminals which prevent loose conductors caused by vibration, thermal cycling and conductor creep.

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Electrical features
• 30 Amps – Voltage up to 500Volts AC and up to 130 Volts DC
• Equipped with silver-nickel butt-contacts and metal braid for added reliability and lifetime
• Active parts protected (IP2X finger protection with open lid)
• Unique keying system allows discrimination between 16 different power supplies (voltage, frequency, AC and DC current)

Mechanical features
• The most compact in size of industrial plugs and socket-outlets
• Automatic IP66/67 watertightness achieved as soon as the plug is fully inserted into the socket-outlet or when the lid of the socket-outlet is closed, without any other operation
• Bayonet locking (see pictures above)
• Version with self-closing lid (IP55) available
• Spring-assisted terminals unaffected by vibrations and thermal cycling
• Casings made of glass fibre reinforced polyester providing excellent electric insulation, high resistance to corrosive, UV and chemical agent environments and high mechanical resistance (IK08 impact resistance)
• Casings made of anti-corrosion treated metal providing high temperature resistance and excellent mechanical resistance (IK09 impact resistance).
• Ambient temperature: -40 °C to +60 °C (for temperatures outside this range, please contact us)
• High temperature 185°C version, available as a standard (or 240°C upon request): IP 44 watertightness

Regulatory features
IEP Marechal Electric PN plugs and socket-outlets comply with:
• The IEC 60309-1 International standard and EN 60309-1 European standard (plugs and socket-outlets for industrial purposes),
• The European Low Voltage Directive (decree N°95-1081 dated 3rd October 1995).
Also certified by VERITAS LCIE, UL, AS and CSA (French, American, Australian and
Canadian inspection laboratories).