IEP Traffolyte Nameplates

IEP Customised Traffolyte Nameplates

IEP supplies a wide range of stainless steel & Traffolyte nameplates for indoor and outdoor applications. The nameplate tags are use for cable tagging, equipment identification or box name for junction boxes. We do customizations for all type of materials and sizes. The nameplates can be marked or engraved using laser system, etching process or rotary mechanical engraving.

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IEP Customised Traffolyte Nameplates

  • Traffolyte nameplates are manufactured with non-flammable material.
  • Characters Marking: Rotary engraving.
  • Material is resistant to chemical and solvents. Suitable for onshore or offshore oil & gas applications.
  • Material Phenolic for indoor application.

Nameplate size can be customised as per client requirements.