IP66/67 Socket & Plug

IEP Marechal IP66/67 Socket & Plug

Specially designed for heavy-duty industries
Marechal started the DECONTACTOR™ in 1953 with the DN range. As the first industrial plug and socket-outlet equipped with an integral switching device, the DN is still the perfect heavy-duty solution: in its metal version, it offers great resistance to mechanical shock, heat and chemical agents.
In addition, it withstands high overloads conditions. IEP Marechal Electric DN plugs and socket-outlets are designed to last more than 20 years in difficult environments.

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Heavy Duty Socket & Plug

Electrical features
• From 20 to 63 Amps – Voltage up to 1 000 Volts AC and up to 250 Volts DC
• Integral switching device as defined in clause 2.8 of IEC/ EN 60309-1 standard
• Equipped with silver-nickel butt-contacts and metal braid for added reliability and lifetime
• Socket-outlet safety shutter provides IP4X protection
• Unique keying system allows discrimination between 24 different power supplies (voltage, frequency, AC and DC current)
• Number of cycles under normal operation and overload conditions from 2 to 8 times (depending on rated current) more than those required by IEC/ EN 60309-1 standard
• Versions with 2 auxiliary contacts (32A) and 4 auxiliary contacts (63A)

Mechanical features
• IP66 and IP67 automatic watertightness as standard
• Resistance to high pressure washing
• Casings made of glass fibre reinforced polyester providing excellent resistance:
• to most chemicals and environmental conditions (including UV and Gamma rays)
• to shocks (IK08) in a broad range of temperatures
• Ambient temperature: -40 °C to +60 °C (for temperatures outside this range, please contact us)
• Spring-assisted terminals unaffected by vibrations and thermal cycling
• Self-opening lid; self-returning lid on request

Regulatory features
IEP Marechal Electric DSN decontactors comply with:
• The IEC 60309-1 International standard and EN 60309-1 European standard (plugs and socket-outlets for industrial purposes),
• The European Low Voltage Directive (decree N°95-1081 dated 3rd October 1995),
• The French decree N° 88-1056 dated 14th November 1988 relating to workers’ protection,
• The decrees relating to workers’ protection in Belgium, Spain and Italy,
• The load breaking capacity according to utilisation categories AC 22 and AC 23 of IEC / EN 60947-3 (switch standard).
Also certified by VERITAS LCIE, UL, AS and CSA (French, American, Australian
and Canadian inspection laboratories).