Junction Boxes & Industrial Terminal

Protection you can trust indoors and outdoors

IEP-nVent Hoffman’s offers a wide selection of junction boxes available in mild steel for basic indoor electrical protection, stainless steel, aluminum or non-metallic for corrosion-resistance. Get the high-quality junction boxes and accessories you need delivered quickly.

  • Variety of designs, sizes, styles, finishes and types
  • Full portfolio of accessories include clamps, lock kits, panels, terminal block kit assembly and window kits.  
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IEP-nVent Hoffman Junction Boxes & Terminal 

1. Mild Steel Junction Boxes

High quality mild steel enclosures from nVent HOFFMAN are ideal for a variety of industrial challenges

    • These rigid-bodied enclosures provide superior ease-of-access without sacrificing a secure seal
    • Easy to install and modify these mild steel enclosures are time-tested and carry the NEMA rating necessary for your application
    • Broad range of features and accessories like nVent HOFFMAN’s exclusive PowerGlide handle with 3-point latching
    • Available from Express Modifications in 28 custom colors with simple holes and cutouts

Mild Steel Junction Boxes range:

  • Continuous Hinge with Clamps CH, Type 12
  • Continuous Hinge with Clamps, Type 4
  • Pushbutton Enclosures, Type 12
  • Continuous Hinge with Quarter-Turn Latch, Type 4
  • Continuous Hinge with Quick-Release Latch, Type 12
  • Screw Cover, Contoured, Type 4
  • NEMA Type 9
  • Clamp Cover, Type 4
  • Flat and Dome Screw Cover, Contoured, Type 4
  • Drawn Pushbutton Enclosures, Type 4
  • Removable Hinge with Quick-Release Latch, Contoured, Type 12

2. Stainless Steel Industrial Junction Boxes & Terminal

Industry-leading protection for systems incorporating large components or complex mounting configurations in highly corrosive environments

    • Specially designed enclosures for applications in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, etc.
    • Broad selection of product types, materials and configurations
    • Flexible modification and customization to meet specifications
    • Indoor or outdoor applications that require corrosion protection from chemicals and water

Stainless Steel Industrial Junction Boxes & Terminal range:

  • Stainless Steel, Cont. Hinge, Clamps Juction Box, 4X
  • Stainless Steel, Clamp Cover Terminal Box, 4X
  • Stainless Steel Extra-Deep 30.5mm Pushbutton Enclosures, 4X Type 4x
  • Stainless Steel, Cont. Hinge, Clamps Junction Box, EMC, 4X
  • ZonEx ATEX, IECEx, Type 4X, Screw Cover EXE Design
  • Terminal Box, Stainless Steel, SSTB

3. Fiberglass & Thermoplastic Industrial Junction Boxes & Terminal 

Non-metallic junction boxes offer high-performing, cost-effective protection of electrical connections in the most punishing corrosive indoor and outdoor environments.

    • Aesthetically pleasing and outstanding protection against corrosion and the elements, whether indoor or outdoor
    • Lightweight when compared with metal alternatives
    • Fiberglass has excellent protection against corrosion and the elements
    • Polyester performs well in harsh chemical environments, weather extremes and corrosive environments
    • Polycarbonate is a molded, impact resistant material
    • ABS shares properties with polycarbonate but is a more economical, non-UL rated alternative

Fiberglass & Thermoplastic Industrial Junction Boxes & Terminal Range:

  • QLine D Pushbutton, Type 4x
  • ZonEx Non-Metallic Terminal Enclosure

4. Aluminum Industrial Junction Boxes & Terminal

Lightweight and ideal option to protect electrical connections in highly corrosive indoor and outdoor environments.  

    • Aluminum is a lightweight material resulting in an enclosure that is easier to handle, modify and move
    • A durable material with high impact resistance, aluminum can provide a strong solution for heavy industrial environments
    • Excellent resistance to corrosion helps the enclosure last longer
    • High heat dissipation for excellent temperature control

Aluminum Industrial Junction Boxes & Terminal range:

  • Aluminum Clamp Cover, Type 4X
  • ZonEx SA Series Junction Boxes