Klauke Cable Lugs

Electrical Connection Systems

Decades of experience go into the development and manufacture of our products for the automobile sector. From standard to custom and non-standard cable lugs – our solutions are used in any onboard systems. Thanks to the IEP-Klauke system, you can be sure that your connection will withstand any load. We find the right connector for every conductor.

At IEP-Klauke all products are matched to one another and we manufacture in our own factories. We think in your work steps – and produce everything systematically. Every cable lug, every tool for the perfect connection.

  • Full flexibility through solutions for all conductor classes to DIN EN 60228
  • For cables with compacted round conductors, cables with sector-shaped conductors and to suit individual requirements
  • A single source – for everything from the cable lug to the tool for professional electrical installations


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Copper tubular cable lugs and connectors

Tubular cable lugs made from high-quality electrolytic copper have been part of the IEP-Klauke standard range since 1960. The hallmarks: We handle all phases, from development to production. We monitor each and every step. The result: The certified classic remains – in every version

Tubular cable lugs and connectors, nickel or stainless steel

Our tubular cable lugs and connectors made from nickel and stainless steel are a cut above: withstanding temperatures of up to 650 °C, our IEP-Klauke products have without doubt developed to meet the requirements of the chemical industry, the foodstuff sector and foodstuff industry. You can also rely on our high-quality products for  special applications.

Copper compression cable lugs and connectors acc. to DIN

IEP-Klauke products conform not only to its own standards. But also to DIN standards with strict standardised dimensions. Our compression cable lugs and connectors range to 1000 mm2 nominal cross-section, with standardised designations and markings. We have the quality certified by the IEC test, including our special versions.

Terminals, connectors and pin terminals to DIN – Cu

Unlike the tubular cable lugs, Klauke solderless terminals are punched from a sheet, bent and then hard soldered in the crimp area. The grooved profile on the inside ensures higher conductor pull-out values. This product’s small dimensions make it the ideal solution for confined areas.

Aluminium compression cable lugs and connectors to DIN

Light and extremely reliable: Klauke aluminium compression cable lugs are both. Contact grease breaks down the oxidation layer, high-quality tinning facilitates the contact with copper in dry environments. For the toughest demands, all cable lugs and most connectors are IEC-tested for safety. We offer a solution for practically every problem.

Aluminium/copper compression cable lugs and connectors

Two components reliably connected. Copper and aluminium have different material properties. That’s not always a good thing. Our compression cable lugs and connectors made from aluminium and copper are intricately produced by special processes and join together what belongs together. No matter which material you use: Your contacts are reliable with IEP-Klauke.