Lightning Earthing Solutions

Lighting Earthing Solutions

Best Industrial Earthing Grounding System In Malaysia

IEP, a Malaysia-based industrial electrical power products, electrical distribution system and power distribution equipment, provides a variety of solution across all industries for complete lightning, earthing and surge protection solutions.

IEP Lightning Protection System Malaysia or lightning protection suppliers with LPI’s best earthing grounding system 4-Step Approach to Lightning Protection for critical industrial earthing system requirements:

• Definition and provision of area protection
• Creation of a bonded earthing system
• Protection of mains power lines
• Protection of signal, data and communication lines

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IEP LPI Guardian Lightning Protection System 5
• LPI’s Guardian System 5 provides a purpose designed package for direct strike lightning protection
• Family of Controlled Advanced Triggering Terminals (CAT) with the design based on the latest research
• High Voltage Shielded Cable (HVSC) is a purpose designed insulated down conductor which greatly reduces the risk of side flashing
• Lightning Strike Recorder (LSR 1) to effectively count strikes captured by the Guardian System
• The Guardian System 5 is economical and simple to install
• Installations in over 70 countries worldwide
• Tested in compliance to IEC Test Standard: IEC 60-1:1989

IEP LPI Stormaster ESE Air Terminal
• LPI offers a selection of models from within it’s ESE range of terminals
• All terminals have been tested to standard NFC 17-102
• Economical and easy to install
LPI also offers an extensive range of conventional lightning protection products and accessories.

Contact IEP, Lightning Protection System Malaysia or lightning protection suppliers with industrial earthing system provider for further product details.

IEP LPI Lightning Warning System
IEP LPI’s Lightning Warning System is designed for the early warning of an approaching storm front especially for earthing system Malaysia which is in severe weather condition. The LPI LWS sounds an alarm on the approach of a lightning discharge and allows all personnel to take precautionary action to protect themselves from the dangers of a lightning discharge.

• Suitable applications include – sporting events such as golf and football, mining, defence and explosive environments
• Detects lightning activity within 10 to 25km
• Warning and alert status
• All clear signal


IEP LPI Lightning Protection System Malaysia or lightning protection suppliers, provides an extensive range of earthing products for the installation of a low impedance earthing system in Malaysia with the best earthing grounding system.

Whether you are installing a dedicated lightning earth or a facility earth grid it is essential to ensure personnel
safety and provide an effective earth which will limit disruptions to services.

IEP LPI Telecommunications Earthing

LPI’s manufactures a range of best earthing grounding system specialised in telecommunications earthing and lightning protection solutions. The experienced LPI team delivers hassle-free solutions, tailored to each project, with a commitment to holding local stock.

The LPI best earthing grounding system range includes:

• In-ground earthing
• Feeder Earthing Kits
• Earth Bars
• Surge Protection
• Associated Accessories

All this is backed by exceptional customer service and LPI’s strong focus on engineering, research and development which ensure reliable, well supported products of the highest quality of earthing system for Malaysia market.

IEP LPI Earth Rods and Accessories
LPI offers a range of earthing products and accessories as part of its packaged solution for the complete approach to lightning protection. The LPI range includes a complete selection of copper bonded steel earth rods, clamps,
tapes, braids and pre-engineered ground grids and meshes.

Contact IEP Lightning Protection System Malaysia or lightning protection suppliers for details on the full range of earth rods and accessories.

IEP LPI Earth Enhancing Compounds
LPI offers a selection of earth enhancing compounds for the treatment of soil in and around an earthing system to reduce the soil resistivity and lower ground impedance.

IEP LPI Ground Resistance Improvement Powder (GRIP) is supplied in 10kg and 40kg kits and is particularly effective in difficult sites such as sandy soils and rocky ground.

IEP LPI RESLO is an economical treatment compound which is supplied in 10kg bags and is best suited to sites where excessive soil resistivity is not considered a problem.

IEP LPI Transient Earth Clamp
The LPI Transient Earth Clamp provides equipotential bonding under transient conditions by forming a closed circuit, whilst remaining in “open circuit” under normal operating conditions.
The TEC should be used where separate earthing systems are installed.

IEP LPI Insulated Joint Protector
The LPI Insulated Joint Protector is designed for the protection of insulated joints in oil and gas pipelines. The IJP is connected directly across the insulated joint, should the insulated joint voltage exceed the breakdown voltage of 350V the IJP will immediately conduct the surge current to ground.


IEP Lightning Protection System Malaysia or lightning protection suppliers with LPI offers a wide selection of technologies and products which are available for transient protection of the mains power supply at the point of entry to your facility. These products /technologies are represented in two categories – shunt protection and series protection.

• Ideal for robust equipment such as air conditioning, pumps and motors
• Point of entry protection
• Energy diversion only, voltage clamping devices installed between each phase and neutral or earth on mains switch board


IEP LPI Series powerline protection is the best available protection for sensitive electronics such as rectifiers, switch mode power supplies, and other mission critical equipment. The Series Filter reduces the rate of rise of any transient overvoltage to acceptable levels, and also reduces the overall magnitude of the transient voltage the equipment receives.