Multi Level Cable Separators

IEP, a Malaysia-based industrial electrical power products and cable tray distributor, provides a variety of cable management system ranging from wire mesh steel cable tray, PVC trays, perforated cable trays, cable ladders, flexible conduit, conduits, single and trefoil cable cleats, cable module system CMS), etc. Material ranging from PVC, electrozinc plated steel, hot dip galvanized steel (HDG), Stainless Steel 304 (SS304L) and 316 (SS316L), Aluminium, deep galvanized silicon steel, Glass Reinforce Polymer (GRP).

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IEP Dutchclamp Unifix IM types are suitable for fastening cables with a diameter of 12 mm (0.45 inch) up to 32 mm (1.26 inch). By means of 2 block parts, 4 cables can be fastened along side each other. On the basis of the number of cables to be fastened, you define the number of block parts you need. 2 Block parts for 4 cables, 3 block parts for 8 cables and so on. If you wish to fasten more cables along side each other, you can couple the block parts by means of the clever dovetail connection.

IEP Dutchclamp Unifix IM types are, due to the chosen pressure areas, unique in their kind. The pressure areas, which fully support the cables, are massive and do not have any sharp edges.

Because of this the cables are well fixated without getting damaged and therefore ideal for installations where cables are subject to top short circuits. The cable blocks are constructed in such a way that they have an exceptionally high mechanical strength of 29.500 Nm. The dimensions of the mounting holes are chosen carefully as well.

These have a diameter of 13,2 mm (0.52 inch). Because of this the threaded rods can be lengthened at any position by means of threaded rod couplers.

IEP Dutchclamp Unifix IM types are manufactured from fibreglass-reinforced Polyamide and are unique in their additives, which results in a longer life span of 50 years. Polyamide is very well resistant against humidity, which makes the cable blocks suitable for both inside and outside installations. Because of the use of this raw material, the cable blocks are also resistant against corrosion, ozone, frost, oil, acids, salts, aggressive materials and UV radiation. There is no reduction of strength and signs of degrading within temperature ranges from -40°C up to +120°C.

IEP Dutchclamp Unifix IM blocks are tested by The Underwriters Laboratories Inc. in America.

IEP Dutchclamp Unifix IM types can be delivered directly from stock.