Multicontacts Plug & Socket

IEP Marechal Multicontact Plugs & Socket

IEP Marechal Electric Combining low currents and high current contacts
IEP MARECHAL ELECTRIC multicontact plugs and socket outlets or data cable connector are used for signal and control purposes. They convey information (power) and signals (low voltage). Example: telephone line connection, travelling crane controls and etc. The silver-nickel alloy used for the contact tips provides optimum conductivity and high durability (several thousand cycles). The casings provide high resistance to the most extreme conditions of use.

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Multicontacts Plug & Socket

Electrical features
IEP Marechal Electric Plugs and socket-outlets for applications where low voltage signals are combined with high currents for data cable connector applications.
Compact plug and socket-outlet
Contacts Silver-nickel butt-contacts with metal braid
Active parts protected (with socket-outlet lid open)
Keying system

Mechanical features
Automatic watertightness
Wiring (terminals) to be soldered or mechanical
Casing in metal or plyester
Ambient temperature -40 °C to +60 °C (for temperatures outside this range, please contact us)
(1) metal version: 415 V max
(2) allows discrimination between several different power supplies
(voltage, frequency, AC and DC current)
(3) achieved as soon as the plug is fully inserted into the socket-outlet or when the socket lid is closed. No rings to turn.
(4) anti-corrosion treated metal providing high temperature resistance and excellent mechanical resistance (IK09 impact resistance)
(5) glass fibre reinforced polyester providing excellent electric insulation, high resistance to corrosive, UV and chemical agent environments and high mechanical resistance (IK08 impact resistance)