Self Ejecting & Single Pole

IEP Marechal Electric Self-ejecting devices

RETTBOX® Power supply unit with an  automatic ejection mechanism activated upon start-up of the vehicle. After ejection, both the plug and the socket are automatically IP55 protected. The contacts of the plug and socket are silver-nickel butt contacts.

RETTBOX®-AIR All-in-one power and compressed air supply unit with an automatic ejection mechanism activated upon startup of the vehicle. After ejection, both the plug and the socket are automatically IP55 protected. The contacts of the plug and socket are silver-nickel butt contacts.

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For mobile appliances
IEP Marechal Electric Self-ejecting devices protect the electrical installation when a mobile appliance is moved without having first separated the inlet (male) from the socket-outlet (female). There are many applications : fire-brigade vehicles, ambulances, road transport vehicles, electric boats, mobile food trollies or refrigerating in the food industry companies, cafeterias and hospitals, or electrical equipment boxes located in vulnerable places (a toll station, for instance).

IEP Marechal Electric Boxes for emergency vehicles

MARECHAL ELECTRIC also offers new boxes specially designed for use in emergency, fire-brigade vehicles or ambulances.

Applications :

– Battery recharging
– Power supply to breaking circuit compressor
– Permanent diesel pre-heating (for emergency starts)
– Power supply to on-board equipment (with engine off )


Save time in emergency situations. No need to disconnect the plug, a slight pull on the wire will release it.
The vehicle can move without prior disconnection.

IEP Marechal Electric Products suited for special tunnel environments
Very often in a tunnel, there is dust, stone projections, smoke, gas, moisture, water streaming and, of course, pollution.
Electric connections in tunnels are subjected to extremely corrosive conditions.

Designed to withstand such conditions, MARECHAL ELECTRIC boxes equipped with connectors or decontactors provide safe solutions for tunnel maintenance.

Corrosion and impact resistance: To ensure optimum safety, MARECHAL ELECTRIC boxes are made of aluminium or cast iron, and connectors made of glass fibre reinforced polyester.

Watertightness: All boxes are watertight and withstand the use of high-pressure washing during the tunnels’ maintenance.

Halogeneous gas and smoke free: In the event of fire, the materials (aluminium, zamak, polyester or polyamide) used for the boxes and connectors protect from dangerous gas and smoke.

Quality connection and easy disconnection: use of butt-contact

Easy disconnection = easy maintenance: thanks to the Marechal silver-nickel butt-contact technology, the contacts are never welded. Therefore, the connection quality remains absolutely stable, and the disconnection can be done any time, even after several years.

Standards and certifications
The equipment is C.S.T.B. certified. MARECHAL connectors and decontactors are compliant with the IEC /EN60309-1 standard, with the French decree N° 88-1056 dated November 14, 1988 relating to workers’ protection and with the European Low Voltage Directive.

IEP Marechal Electric CCH Battery charger connectors 75 to 200A
Description :
• Battery charger connectors
• From 75 to 200 A – 690 V
• Pilot contact rated at 20 A – 50 V
• With or without earth contact
• Conductors from 16 to 75mm2
• High reliability due to the silver-nickel butt-contacts
• Easy plug insertion thanks to closing lever
• Crimped or soldered connections by ferrules

IEP Marechal Electric CS Single pole and welding connectors 75 to 500A

Description :

• Single pole connectors from 16 to 150mm2
• From 75 to 500 A – TBT (50 volts max.)
• Bayonet locking system providing perfect contact when connected
• Self-cleaning contacts
• Highly reliable silver-nickel butt-contacts
• Crimped or soldered connections by ferrules
• Connection by screw in option

IEP Marechal Electric SP4 Single pole power connector Max 700 A 1000 V AC / 1500 V DC

The highest possible safety
• Reliable mechanical and electrical interlocking,
• IP2X socket-outlet when cap removed,
• Automatic IP66/67 watertightness.

An easy operable connector
• Straight insertion of the plug into the socket-outlet without any rotation,
• Different mechanical keying of L1, L2, L3, N and E,
• Visual identification by standard colors,
• Screwed crimping lugs facilitate cable replacement.

Thanks to the butt contact principle, the SP4 single pole connector:
• withstands continuously up to 700A / 1000 V AC or 1500V DC (70mm2 to 400mm2 conductors),
• withstands at least 2000 operations.

• Army, defence
• Automotive manufacturing (welding),
• Civil engineering (concrete injection pumps),
• Entertainment Industry
• Harbors (shore-to-ship & ship-to-ship feeders),
• Large gen-sets
• Mining (drag-lines),
• Steel industry
• Testing facilities (e.g. electrical motors),
• etc.