SS Sign Fix Solution

IEP BAND-IT SIGNFIX ® is recognized by sign fabricators as a quicker, easier and cost effective method to mount all sizes of signs to any size or shape of pole.

This help to resolve your worry about pole sizes or concern about signboard may not fix to the pole position. IEP BAND-IT solution is the answer to all of this. Consult us today!

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IEP BAND-IT SIGNFIX® Universal Channel Clamp

  • Universal Channel Clamp is compatible with all SIGNFIX® Channel Extrusions
  • During installation, the assembly becomes fully adjustable to any size or style sign post when used with BAND-IT® Band and Buckle or Ultra-Lok® Free End System

IEP BAND-IT SIGNFIX® Channel Extrusion

  • For mounting and stiffening any size sign. SIGNFIX® Channel Extrusions have identical configurations allowing the use of all SIGNFIX® hardware with any extrusion