Strap Cleats

IEP-Alroc’s Cable cleats and fixing device is a trusted and reliable tools and accessories. We offer an entire range of stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel cleats, as well as casings for structures and cables. Every year, Alroc’s carefully design and tested 15 – 30% of bespoke new products ensuring safe and precise suitable for application in: post fastening to the ground; structure under transformer substations; variable incline bracket; device for fastening to the found by junction; holding support in a tunnel or pit; multiple-arm bracket and etc.

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IEP-Alroc’s Strap Cleats

Strap cleats is designed to hold one or more cables in a trefoil arrangement that are needed to be suspended or to be installed horizontally, allowing simple and rapid installation.

Offering 4 types of strap cleats: intermediary strap cleats, strap cleats suspended on eyelets, spirals suspended strap cleats, capstan-headed screw suspended strap cleats.

IEP Alroc’s Strap cleats was tested internally as well as from certified laboratory to measure the mechanical strength against heavy leads and short-circuit forces.

Certification: Standard IEC 61914 and RET approved according to size and application.