Tempra Plug & Socket

IEP-Legrand, P17 Tempra Pro environments range incorporates numerous benefits for optimum commissioning of installations and increased user safety. More than ever before, the new range is highly recommended for all sites involving specific constraints related to waterproofness, impact resistance or temperature conditions, both indoors and outdoors: shopping centres, hospitals, office buildings, foodprocessing facilities, industry, transportation, data centres, markets, etc.

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By updating its IP44 and IP 66/67 range of industrial sockets, Legrand is meeting the expectations of professional users. New benefits in terms of safety, implementation, design & ergonomics guarantee the longevity of this family of products, which has already proven itself over time. Ideal for all major projects such as airports, data centres, hotels, etc

As competitiveness is key to success when working on a site, the P17 Tempra Pro range offers an array of essential and intuitive benefits aimed at simplifying every movement, freeing up wiring space and ensuring quick, accurate cable connection under optimum conditions


Sockets for internal and external use, protected against projections of water (but not exposed to direct jets).

• From 16 to 32 A
• 2 P+ E / 3 P+E / 3 P+N+E
• From 100 to 500 VA
• 50/60 Hz
• Screw connection


Weatherproof sockets that can withstand temporary immersion IP66/67 (rain, floods, etc)

Available for applications in :
• Surface mounting sockets
• Straight plugs
• Mobile sockets
• Panel mounting sockets
• Surface mounting sockets